How Long Does Your Hair Need to Be for Hand Tied Extensions?

Hand tied extensions is one of the most beautiful extension techniques that has been in increasing demand among customers lately. 

Its main advantages are the most natural look possible, no length loss during reapplication, and comfortable wearing that allows to make any hairstyle. 

And, most importantly, you can do this extension even on very short hair. The main thing is to find an experienced hair stylist and buy quality hair for this beauty-procedure.

How Long Does Your Hair Need to Be for Hand Tied Extensions?

Do Hand Tied Extensions Work on Short Hair?

To make a long story short - yes, this extension technique is suitable even for short hair. Of course, a lot depends on the condition of the natural strands. But, in general, experienced professionals working in this technique can cover even very short haircuts.

To help you understand better, we tell you how these extensions are done:

  1. First of all, a tiny braid is made around the client’s head. Therefore natural hair must be long enough for a braid. 
  2. Then the braid is sewn with a hand-tied tress, matching the locks in color and structure.
  3. During the reapplication, they first remove the hand-tied tress, then undo the braid. A new braid is made instead of the previous one and the tress is sewn back into it. 

Minimum Hair Length for Hand Tied Extensions

Your hair should be at least 3-4 inches long. 

  1. First, we recommend you to book a consultation. So a stylist can tell if the length, condition and texture of your hair are suitable for this hairstyle.
  2. If everything is fine, the hairstylist will tell you the length and structure of a beam, and the number of wefts you should buy. 
  3. Since the natural locks are still too short, it is better not to overload them with too much weight. On average, you will need only one 100-gram beam. 

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