Why Invest in High-Quality Barricade Covers?

Are you looking for durable and sturdy covers for your steel barricades? Do you want to make sure your crowd control equipment is not stolen or damaged while not in use? Then you should invest in high-quality barricade covers.

This article will explain why you need them and make a good cover.

Why Invest in High-Quality Barricade Covers?

What are Barricade Covers?

According to reports, the development of commercial real estate, coupled with modification of transport infrastructure, is expected to propel the barricade market growth.

Barricade covers are used to protect your steel barricades while they are not in use. They fit tightly over the top and down all four sides of your steel pipe barriers, providing a barrier against rain and unwanted people.

These covers come in various colors and attach to the steel pipe with three bungee cords sewn onto the bottom of the body.

The covers are made to be lightweight yet durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions. It makes them easier to transport than the steel barricades themselves, which can weigh up to 150 pounds apiece.

Reasons to Use Barricade Covers

Crowd control personnel use the covers every day. Some common uses of barricade covers are:

  • Protecting equipment from rain and sun.
  • Keeping your crowd control barriers clean and maintainable.
  • Avoiding theft of the steel pipe used in the barriers.
  • Allowing you to use your barricade covers with different types of barrier heights (such as 48" or 72").
  • Benefits of Buying High-Quality Barricade Covers

1. Durability

High-quality barricade covers are made of heavy-duty vinyl fabric resistant to tears and punctures. The stitching on these covers is done with solid nylon thread that won't break under environmental stress or strain.

These barricade covers will last you for years without wearing out or breaking down.

2. Protection from the Elements

Because they are made of waterproof fabric, high-quality covers will protect your steel barriers from rain and direct sunlight. The vinyl fabric is designed to be both UV-resistant and mold-resistant, so your steel barricades won't absorb these harmful rays or mildew after a long day at the site.

3. Protection from Physical Damage

Because the covers are designed to fit tightly over your barricades, they will protect your equipment from dirt and dust, as well as people trying to remove them with tools or bare hands.

It makes it difficult to steal the steel pipe protecting your site, potentially compromising crowd control safety.

4. Protection from Chemical Damage

High-quality covers are made of heavy-duty vinyl fabric resistant to chemicals like oil, gas, and battery acid. If these types of hazardous liquids or materials were to leak onto the steel pipe barrier (or if they splashed up at an angle), the cover would protect your equipment from any corrosion or damage.

It is essential to place your barriers next to a garage or a construction site where these types of liquids could be a hazard.

5. Protection from UV Rays And Mildew

High-quality covers are made of heavy-duty, UV-resistant vinyl fabric that won't break down in sunlight. If you leave your equipment out all day, the body will protect them from mildew as well as fading or deterioration.

6. Versatility

High-quality covers come in various colors and sizes to fit most types of steel pipe crowd control barriers, including those with different heights (48" vs. 72", etc.).

It means that you can use the same barricade cover with all of your barriers.

7. Low Cost-Per-Use

High-quality covers are not cheap, but they will last you for years. It means that you will save money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or replacement costs.

You can avoid buying a new cover when the old one gets damaged or starts to break down, so your total cost-per-use will be extremely low.

8. Fast and Easy Installation

High-quality barricade covers are designed to fit snugly around steel pipe barriers.

It means that you can install them quickly without taking the time to adjust the cover to your equipment.

9. Easy to Remove and Store

Many high-quality covers come with zippered or velcro openings that allow you to quickly take the body off your equipment when it's time to move them. If the weather changes, you can easily remove the cover and store it in a nearby bin or truck without spending extra time putting it back on.

10. Protection from Theft

Since the high-quality covers are thick, waterproof vinyl fabric, they will resist attempts to cut or tear them.

It is essential to leave your barriers unattended to facilitate crowd control during events such as street fairs and parades.

Barricade covers are a wise investment to protect your steel pipe crowd control barriers.

Make sure to keep your equipment safe and protected from the elements and physical and chemical damage, as well as theft with high-quality barricade covers today.