The Three Questions You Should Ask a Child Support Lawyer and Why They Are Important

The Three Questions You Should Ask a Child Support Lawyer and Why They Are Important

This article will address three questions that every parent with a child support matter should ask their attorney and why the answers are so important. Whether your case is entirely new, you feel all alone, or you just need some guidance on where to start, it's vital to arm yourself with as much information as possible. It is also crucial that both parents hire a competent and experienced child support lawyer Houston who will take their case seriously. Child support is not a joke; it's serious business.

Here are the questions you should ask and why they're important:

1. How long have you been practicing child support law?

It's essential to know how much experience the attorney has in this area. Child support can be a complex matter that requires an experienced attorney and up-to-date attorney with the latest law, rules, regulations, cases, news, etc. Child support can also be a complicated area of practice because it's more about emotions than anything else. Therefore, the more experience the lawyer has in this area of law-the better off you will be.

2. Do you have experience in the county where my case will be filed?

It is an excellent idea to hire an attorney with at least some limited experience in the court system where your case will be filed and before a judge who prefers to settle child support matters quickly and efficiently. This job becomes more challenging if the attorney and the court are not on the same page. For example, suppose a court has been sued many times by different attorneys for denying good faith negotiations to resolve child support disputes. In that case, you do not want someone who will take their case lightly or settle it quickly. You want an attorney who will stand up for your rights and fight hard because chances are the court knows that attorney and will be more likely to take your case seriously.

3. How do you usually resolve child support disputes?

This question is critical because it's determining whether they will take my case seriously or not. If their answer is something like, "I always try to settle the case out of court," you will want to consider looking elsewhere or at least be cautious. Child support is not a joke, it's serious business, and any opportunity for good faith negotiation should not be wasted. But, on the other hand, if you have an attorney who wants to resolve your case before it goes to court, you will most likely end up with a low child support amount that doesn't take into account your ability to pay or your child's needs, and you and the court know it.

You want an attorney who will not settle for less than what they think is fair because chances are your case may be heard in front of a judge that has heard it dozens of times before-so; most likely, they will see right through any attempt to settle quickly. The more experience the attorney has in this area of law, the better position you'll be in to obtain proper child support.

The three questions every parent should ask their child support lawyer are critical because they determine whether you hire someone who will take your case seriously or not. Unfortunately, both parents often have extreme difficulty finding an attorney who handles their case seriously and works hard to obtain the best possible outcome. More often than not, it's because they do not understand child support law or how important it is to stand up for their client's rights so that both parents know what they are entitled to receive.