What Can Change the Expressiveness of Our Look?

What Can Change the Expressiveness of Our Look?

Changing the look of eyelashes completely enhance makeup, they also give a unique strength and personality to our eyes, therefore, it’s important to know some makeup tricks to make them up correctly. So based on that, we've put together a list of super-useful tips to keep in mind when putting on eyelash makeup.

5 tips to create a perfect makeup for eyelashes:

1. One of the main things that we must take into account when making up eyelashes is the distance between our eyes. In case your eyes are closely spaced, you should make them visually look a little separated, to achieve this, you must apply more mascara on the outside. If, your eyes are a bit apart, you should apply the mascara all over the eye and a little more on the inside.

2. If you have dark circles under your eyes, try not to use the mascara on the lower part. It can stain the area and that will lead to your dark circles being accentuated, and the eyes will look much more tired.

3. Use an eyelash curler for medium eyelashes effect. Believe us, it is super effective tool, and it will make your eyes open. Just remember to use it before applying mascara, otherwise it could be a complete disaster.

4. If your eyelashes are straight, try not to use too much mascara. It may cause hair loss. So to avoid this, it is better to apply more mascara to the root and less to the ends.

5. Sometimes we want to have super voluminous lashes, and we make the mistake of applying mascara many times, which is not recommended, because eyelashes may stick together. In case you want to apply another layer, wait for the first one to dry very well to avoid the aforementioned.

Different types of lashes cosmetics

Shadow Primer                                           

A shadow primer allows eye shadows to fix much better and be more intense. It is very common for us to feel that our shadows are not pigmented enough. The primer allows you to create a smooth surface on which you can apply the colors more comfortably, and they will look sharper. Eyeshadow primer is one of the most affordable and highest quality options on the market.


An eyeshadow is the product which enhances the eyes. You can buy them with a metallic or matte finish, in bright or neutral colors. There are rules to achieve colour harmony, but we can show our creativity and to mix them as we want, using various techniques to apply them.


The eyeliner is the final touch that accompanies any makeup. It gives depth and clearness to the eyelid. It is a challenge for beginners, as one wrong move will ruin the entire job. But for customers convenience there are several types of eyeliners.


A pencil allows you to outline and add color to the eyelids. You can find them in many shades with different finishes. Many people prefer to use the shadow before the pencil, but this is a matter of taste and comfort.

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