Facts and Fiction: GTA TRILOGY Edition

Facts and Fiction: GTA TRILOGY Edition

While fans all over the world were thrilled when they first heard about the Grand Theft Auto or GTA Trilogy Edition, their dream came to a disappointment after its release. The expectation from the Unreal Engine was to make a better game in terms of graphics. That way, fans all over the world can experience something different and out of the blue.

Since the beginning, the official trailers have been doing rounds about the game and fans were extremely excited. And, there was lots of speculation about the game from every aspect. But everything turned sour after the release of the Trilogy and it was evident by the reaction of people.

The aftermath

The GTA Trilogy Edition received heavy criticism and massive backlash from fans worldwide soon after its release. Nobody expected that a popular game developer like Unreal Engine would make mistakes. And, that includes bugs including other critical issues. As it appears that the Trilogy promised fans a new and improved version, but delivered an awkward mess. Besides, it was not well-expected by fans.

Most fans who have been waiting for long to get their hands on the Trilogy to experience something different, wasted no time further and bombarded complaints online that included misspelled signs, bad graphics, and so on. Even the makers came face to face with mixed reviews worldwide from the critics as well. 

Another abnormality in the Trilogy was that fans were able to discover that certain things from the original games were modified. As such, players who bought the game hoping to experience the old story but with new, advanced graphics got furious. With all the advancements in technology and graphics, the new release should come with revitalized graphics. And, introduced to the fans who were fond of the classic story along with iconic characters.

What's so bad about GTA Trilogy Edition?

Apart from the different storyline, another major cause of resentment with GTA Trilogy Edition is the graphics, especially the noticeable differences when it comes to the game's visuals and textures. A bunch of spelling mistakes, visual errors such as characters' hands not being closed even after holding an item and trains not being in their tracks, are some of the many mistakes that the game carries it with. 

Poor framerate, unwanted bugs, and glitches made fans angrier. And, left them frustrated only to share their experience online through foul language. Furthermore, the makers of GTA Trilogy Edition removed the PC versions from the Rockstar store for around 72 hours. That created a lot of confusion. As a result, players who already paid for the game had nothing. They spend no time showing their frustration online. 

What could people expect in the future?

The massive amount of criticism from fans all over the world means that the game developers have to stay on their heels. And, have to provide future updates that address different kinds of issues apart from dealing with plenty of bugs. According to the sources, Rockstar has been working to correct all the previous issues. Also, they want to improve the user experience and provide value for their fans.