Pro Gamer's Undisputed Past and Present

Pro Gamer's Undisputed Past and Present

Someone who enjoys playing video games is likely to have questions stuck inside their head for a long time "how to become a professional player?". As a single or team competitor, there is an established path to success in the gaming industry.

Here at Pro Gamers Age, we've compiled a list of some of the best-known pro players, pro gamers streamers, and esports players. This article also includes their little backstory.

  • Name: Sydeon

Age:24 years old

Sydney Parker or, gamers most commonly known as "Sydeon," is an American YouTuber, cosplayer, supermodel, and Twitch caster who is known for her original content.

Since establishing her brand, Sydeon has seen a significant increase in her fan base. Hundreds of cosplay and videogame aficionados rush to her social media pages to see over her work. Her growing popularity has also been aided by her high-quality lifestyle material, which she produces herself.

  • Name: Katierouu

Age:23 years old

Katie, most commonly known by her alias "KatieRouu, "is a popular Twitch broadcaster, video gamer, and online celebrity from the United States.

Kate has a very high degree of professionalism. She has always been committed to expanding her gaming career by offering top-tier gaming material regularly to her audience.

  • Name: Dyrus

Age: 29 years old

The League of Legends (LoL) broadcaster and online celebrity Marcus "Dyru or most commonly known by his alias as "Dyrus ."Hill is known for his amazing top laner performances for the US-based Esportssports organization Team SoloMid.

When it comes to video games, Dyrus is known as the gamer who conquers the risks and odds in pursuing once dream of becoming a video game expert. His reticent demeanor and unstable internet connections in Hawaii were not enough to stop him from accomplishing that goal.

  • Name: JerAx

Age: 29 years old

It's no secret that Evil Geniuses' Jesse or his fans commonly know him as the alias "JerAx" Vainikka is an accomplished Dota 2 player.

JerAx has made his mark on the history of Dota 2 by being a solid and talented pro player. Since he was a child, his main goal was to play this famous multiplayer online battle arena "Dota 2."

JerAx is currently the second-highest-paid Dota 2 pro gamer all across the globe, only behind "N0tail", his former OG colleague. He was also the first pro player to reach four consecutive Major finals and the first two-time TI winner.

  • Name: DrDisrespect

Age: 40 years old

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, known professionally by his nickname as "DrDisRespect," is a YouTube content creator, online celebrity, pro gamer, businessman, and book writer who has garnered a large following on social media.

Dr. Disrespect's free-spirited demeanor has earned him a large following. Those who are familiar with DrDisRespect's distinctive look, which includes a goatee, mullet wig, and basic sunglasses, can immediately identify him from a distance.

DrDisRespect considers himself a back-to-back Blockbuster Video Game Champion, winning some of these competitions in 1993 and 1994, according to his admission.


To become a professional gamer, you have to put in a lot of time and effort, but it's not all about playing video games until you die. Hardships, failures, and experiences are necessary to grow as a pro player. This involves improving interpersonal skills, extending your understanding of the game, seeking positive inspirations, and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

These folks may inspire you if you put yourself in their shoes. To become an expert in this field area, one has to be willing to put in the time and effort and accept particular uncertainty and commitment. There are many more consequences in gaming than most people realize, but there is also a lot more opportunity for payoff right now than ever before.