How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

We’re all looking for ways to make income. If you have your own website but don’t like the idea of having to create products or offer services to get money, affiliate marketing may be the answer. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting another business’s products or services in return for a commission on any sales you generate. You can get started with affiliate marketing by following the steps below.

Choose a Platform

In theory, you can do affiliate marketing on all kinds of platforms. However, it’s far easier to build an audience base and boost your affiliate sales by choosing one of two channels: a YouTube channel or a blog. It’s never been easier to start a blog. There are lots of online tutorials you can use which teach you the basics. YouTube is another popular platform affiliate marketers choose. You can use YouTube to create and upload content for free, which makes it a favorable choice.

Pick Your Niche

If you decide to launch a blog, be warned there is tough competition out there. It’s estimated that over 31 million Americans are bloggers, so to stand out from the average joe, it’s time to pick a niche. Select a topic that concentrates on a specific category. For instance, the topic of ‘food’ is a gigantic category. Instead of tackling that, focus on something more specific, such as grilling food.

Find Affiliate Programs to Join

There are a number of affiliate programs you can pick from. The main types are high-paying, low-volume affiliate programs; low-paying, high-volume affiliate programs; and high-paying, high-volume affiliate programs. The affiliate program you choose will depend on your experience and niche. If you want to target consumers, it’s wise to go with the second model. For those seeking a business audience, it’s wise to stick with the first model. If you’re interested in making money with Amazon, the company has their own program you can join.

Create Engaging Content

For your affiliate website to be a success, you need to create engaging, high-quality content where you can naturally slot affiliate links in. You need to stay authentic with your content, bear your audience in mind, and ensure your links are contextual. 

Drive Traffic

Once you’ve created compelling content, the next stage is to get as many people as possible to check it out. The more readers you have, the more clicks you will get on your affiliate links. One strategy you can use is paid links. This is where you pay for traffic to your page, which can be done with the use of PPC ads. SEO (search engine optimization) is another tactic that can help you rank higher in search engines and drive traffic. Another option is to build an email list that enables you to communicate with your users anytime. 

Get Clicks

Even if you have a fantastic piece of content, that doesn’t guarantee users will click your affiliate links. There are a few things to be aware of which can increase the likelihood of readers doing so. For one, where you place your links matters. If you house your affiliate links at the bottom of a page, most people rarely scroll that far, meaning you may not gain many clicks. Context plays a big part too. If you’re not careful, your links can look too spammy. 

Convert Clicks to Sales

To make money, two conversions must take place. The first conversion is for users to click on the product page. You are in full control of this action. The second conversion is a visitor buying the product. In this case, the control is in the merchant’s hands. To play the game to your benefit, you should find merchants with programs that convert well. You can do this by looking at public income reports and asking questions. 

You won’t see success from affiliate marketing overnight. However, if you take all the steps above and remain patient, your site will begin to grow and you’ll be on your way to generating a decent income.