The Top Myths of using Barricades for Crowd Control

The Top Myths of using Barricades for Crowd Control

The importance of crowd control is not limited to any one particular industry. It is associated with almost every department, like in events, construction, retail, hospitality, civil, sports, and much more. The widespread applications include directing pedestrians traffic, creating queues, or restricting areas. The term does not necessarily mean restricting the crowd or disturbing the flow of groups but instead organizing them. 

Crowd control products include Barriers, Stanchions, Sign Stands, Accordion Gates, Fencing, and barricades for sale. Steel barricades are the most popular items used by police and security forces for controlling crowds. 

However, crowd control has had some misconceptions and myths centering on the process over the years. So in this article, you will read about the top four of them.

It is about Aggressive Policing Techniques: Myth #1

When you hear about barricades being put into action, people think of aggressive policing techniques. The first thing that comes to mind will be the images of mass protests where police intervene. But is this the whole story of using barricades for crowd control? Probably, no.

That’s because -

  • Barricades help keep the crowd safe from venturing into places they should not.
  • Barricades in big events like a political roadshow or a music fest ensure that people can be kept safe.
  • If you find a steel barricade near a construction site, it is just for safety measures. 

The same goes for fencing and lining parade routes. All these work like a sign for the public to know when to limit their advances for their safety.

Crowd Control using Barricades is ‘Confrontational’: Myth #2

In most cases, ‘crowd control’ is not about an intentional clash between the authorities and the people. In heavily crowded places, crowd control teams need barricades for the safety of everyone. Barricades ensure that the crowd is kept organized to avoid potential accidents.

However, there are cases when the situation becomes aggravated. Well, for such cases, officers have some options -

  • They can fight and forcibly calm those individuals in favor of the public. 
  • They can flee the scene if it goes out of their controlling capabilities. 
  • They can submit and surrender themselves for the betterment of the situation.
  • They can negotiate with the problem-makers for the safety of the crowd.
  • They can posture, an effective crowd control technique to hold, separate, or disperse hostile crowds.

So, you can understand that calling the use of barricades to be ‘confrontational’ in nature is wrong. Barricades are a part of maintaining civil discipline in big crowds.

Police Forces take intimidating steps by using Barricades: Myth #3

Now, this is a common talking point. The basic thing that brings this misconception is the gear that police officers wear. It is also about the items they use to keep massive crowds in control. 

So, if you see them wearing a helmet, it is not because they are interested in a street fight. Nor does wearing armor make the officers look eager to go into gunfights with the people. And if they use barricades, it’s because they need it to ensure unwanted chaos in the place. 

But why do they wear such protective gear? The only reason for wearing helmets, vests, and other items is their safety in dangerous situations. The use of barricades is, by far, one of the best ways to put a messy crowd in order.

Barricades and other physical barriers create disruption: Myth #4

Different types of physical barriers are used when crowd management is required. Even if it is not for civil unrest, these items are still essential to manage a large crowd. They don’t create a disruption; instead, they ensure that the crowd stays organized and unwanted chaos is avoided.

The most common products used are barricades or mostly interlocking steel barricades. Steel barricades help to manage the crowd in a heavily-crowded area. They prevent the group from being oversaturated in any small area. With the help of barricades, police teams working for crowd management can efficiently work to avoid stampedes, mishaps, or anything else as a reason for crowd upsurge.

Final Words

Crowd control and management is a department that mostly the police department handles. Many options are available, from steel barricades to stanchions and retractable barriers to sign stands. You can find different crowd control and management products out there. 

However, the way barricades help organize or channel a crowd in a direction is simply amazing. Look for companies having barricades for sale if you want to explore the options. You will find different barricades of different prices out there in online stores.