Top 10 Advanced C Interview Questions to Hire Experienced Candidates

A. Introduction

C programming language is the most widely used programming language in the world. However, with the evolution of software, it was necessary to create a new language that would be more efficient and powerful. This is where C++ comes in.

Advanced C is a new programming language created to make C easier to learn and use. It has features like improved data management, object-oriented programming, and support for multithreading.

Advanced C has many features not available in the standard C language. For example, it has templates, macros, and inline functions that can create programs faster and with less code.

The most important feature of Advanced C is its support for Unicode strings, which allows programmers to use text from any language without worrying about the different character sets that exist on other platforms.

The main difference between Advanced C and regular C is the syntax which makes it easier for beginners to learn while still being powerful enough for developers already familiar with other languages like Java or Python.

Start with any online C programming tutorials if you want to learn Advanced C. Advanced C online courses provide in-depth content and cover everything from the basics to advanced functions and features. 

Top 10 Advanced C Interview Questions to Hire Experienced Candidates

B. Things to Consider Before Hiring an Advanced C Programming Expert

While there are many programming languages, C is the most popular. It's often used for embedded systems, operating systems, and low-level programming.

Advanced C programmers are expected to have a good understanding of computer architecture and algorithms. In addition, they need to write efficient code that can be optimized for performance to make the most out of their hardware.

Some job roles require an Advanced C programmer:

  • Embedded software developers
  • System engineers
  • Computer programmers

C programmers are in demand in the field of computer programming. Every industry has its own set of job roles that require C programmers. The job role of an advanced c programmer includes software development, product management and more. They are also in demand for their skill set in artificial intelligence (AI).

Things to consider before hiring an Advanced C programmer – 

a) Programming Experience
b) Coding Ability
c) Soft Skills
d) Check Ownership Level

a) Programming Experience

Before hiring a candidate, make sure they have coding experience. Make sure they can meet your expectations by telling them yours. Analyze the type of projects they have handled and how effectively they developed them.

b) Coding Ability

Aside from being a theory geek, you must ensure your applicant is also a practical one. Knowledge of theoretical concepts is good, but it cannot stand alone. Assess the developer's practical ability.

c) Soft Skills

Consider the candidate's soft skills because someone with efficient hard skills but weak soft skills will lose value over time, and you may not want to continue working with them. Therefore, a candidate's soft skills are as necessary as the hard skills.

d) Check Ownership Level

A dedicated candidate is what you need. When interviewing the candidate, inquire about how he handled problems, how he coped with hard times, and how he came up with a solution to a problem without any outside assistance.

C. Top 10 Questions to Ask to Hire an Experienced Advanced C Programmer

Advanced C programmers are needed in the software industry because they have expertise in the language and can work with developers to provide high-quality code.

A good Advanced C programmer knows both low-level and high-level programming languages, such as C, Java, Python, or JavaScript. They also learn about modern compilers and their algorithms. Lastly, they must have experience with open source tools like Git or Subversion.

Advanced C programmers are required when there is a need for high-level programming language expertise. They are needed in software development, computer science, and data science. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of these programmers in the workforce, and they command a premium salary.

Many companies are now looking to hire Advanced C programmers to meet their needs. However, they can be challenging to find because they have specific skill sets that other developers don't have, and they typically work in highly technical fields.

Here are the top 10 Interview Questions you can ask an experienced C programmer – 

  1. What is a void pointer? Can you dereference a void pointer without knowing its type?
  2. What will be the output of printf("%d")?
  3. How can you print a string with the symbol % in it?
  4. What are dangling pointers? How are dangling pointers different from memory leaks?
  5. How to free a block of memory previously allocated without using free?
  6. What is the use of %n in printf()?
  7. Explain the # pragma directive. 
  8. What is Bubble Sort Algorithm? Explain with a program.
  9. What is the difference between structs and unions?
  10. What are rvalue and an lvalue?

D. Conclusion

Advanced C is a programming language used in many fields such as software engineering, scientific computing, and data science. As a result, the demand for Advanced C programmers is increasing. This has led to a massive increase in the number of Advanced C jobs in the job market.

With the rise of AI-enabled technology and automation, there has been an increase in demand for Advanced C programmers to implement these systems and processes.

While the future of Advanced C looks bright with more opportunities, more and more learners are now learning Advanced C through offline and online courses. This will maintain a steady stream of good programmers in the job market.