A Guide For Cascais Portugal Real Estate

Located on the stunning Portuguese Riviera, the charming town of Cascais is a popular destination for tourists and expats. With its beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, and proximity to Lisbon, Cascais has become a desirable place to own a property in Portugal.

A Guide For Cascais Portugal Real Estate

In this article, you can find the advantages of buying Cascais Portugal real estate, and the Cascais region. You can also find some of the best Cascais properties for sale.

What Can You Find in Cascais?

Cascais is a vibrant town in Lisbon with a rich cultural heritage. It’s known for its stunning beaches and charming streets. The town is also home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and shopping centers in Portugal.

The region has attracted an increase in popularity, especially in the past few years. While some foreigners vacation here, others prefer to buy Cascais real estate for sale. There are some popular places to see in Cascais. One of them is the Conde de Castro Guimarães Museum. In this museum, you can find a collection of historical artifacts and art pieces. 

Nossa Senhora da Assunção church is another famous place to visit in Cascais. It’s decorated with glazed azulejo tiles. Paula Rego House of Stories offers paintings by Paulo Rego. 

Besides these cultural and historical places, you can explore some shops that offer traditional pieces such as lace and pottery. The climate and location of this area are suitable for sailing and golf as well.

Benefits of Buying Cascais Property

Cascais offers many benefits to individuals who want to buy Cascais property for sale. You can find these benefits below:

  • Great investment opportunity: With a stable economy and strong property market, buying real estate in Cascais can be a smart investment decision. The town is in high demand with both local and foreign buyers, which means that property prices are on the rise.
  • Stunning location: Situated on the Portuguese Riviera, Cascais boasts breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Portugal. This makes it an ideal location for anyone looking to invest in a property that offers both luxury and natural beauty.
  • Close to Lisbon: Located just 30 minutes from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, this area is an excellent choice to buy Cascais Portugal real estate. Here, you can enjoy the city's cultural offerings while still living in a peaceful coastal town. The proximity to Lisbon also means that Cascais is well-connected to major airports and transportation networks. This makes it easy to travel to and from the town.
  • An option to get residency in Portugal: There’s a Golden Visa program in Portugal that provides residency upon investment. When you buy property here, you can apply for this program. As a result of it, you and your family can become residents of Portugal.

Cascais Real Estate

If you're looking to invest in Cascais Portugal real estate, there are plenty of options available. From charming apartments to spacious villas, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

You’ll find that property prices in Cascais vary depending on the property type and location. You may assume that a Cascais property in the town center or near the sea can be more expensive compared to other areas. 

You may have a difficult time in the purchase process if you’re a foreigner in Portugal. For this reason, it will help a lot if you consult an agent. They can guide you in finding the best property for you. It also spares time and money for you. 

While searching for Cascais real estate, you need to take your budget and family into consideration. For example, will you be moving with your family or alone? If you’re alone, a 1+1 or 2+1 apartment can be sufficient for you. If you plan to bring your children with you, you’ll need a larger house. In that case, you may also take the location of the property into consideration. It may be better for the property to be close to the children’s schools or a health center, for instance.

In short, you can benefit from buying Cascais property in many ways. Don’t wait longer and buy one of them today!