Why Dubai Real Estate Won't Leave You Indifferent

Surprising facts about buying an apartment in Dubai

Why Dubai Real Estate Won't Leave You Indifferent

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is recognized as one of the fastest-growing and most prosperous countries. With its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and commitment to innovation and digital transformation, the UAE has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and businesses in the IT sector.

The UAE real estate market offers many opportunities for those looking to start IT projects. We will explore why investing in the UAE real estate sector makes sense. These opportunities exist in this prosperous and dynamic country.

Many experts predict a bright future for the real estate market, particularly for property in Dubai in the UAE in 2023.

Why is it wise to buy property in the UAE?

According to statistics, 52% of investors want to invest in real estate because they consider it a wise investment with minimal effort.

The foreign real estate market is considered by many to be a passive income source. It is due to high liquidity due to the currency area, faster payback due to rental prices, and easier management due to the ability to connect third-party companies to attract tenants.

Dubai real estate has all these qualities, the prices of which continue to fall due to offers from developers. For more information on real estate investment opportunities in the UAE, visit the website https://www.axcapital.ae/.

Amazing facts about buying an apartment in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates attracts businessmen through zero income tax, decent banking, innovative infrastructure, and the possibility of obtaining tax residency through the registration of companies and free zones in the UAE.

Many international IT companies and holdings are based in the Emirates. Why is it attractive to register a company in the UAE for e-commerce, online services, and other types of IT business? It would be wise to work with a company in the United Arab Emirates!

The UAE is currently the only «white» jurisdiction with a closed registry of companies and zero taxation, enshrined at the legislative level.

Benefits of investing in real estate in the United Arab Emirates for building a business

Let's dwell on the main advantages of the Emirate as a country for launching new international IT projects.


  1. Income tax; In particular, there are no taxes on income, capital gains, wealth tax, local taxes, gift tax to spouses and parents, or inheritance tax in the UAE (VAT 5% applies only to transactions within the country at working rates).
  2. It is possible to limit the automatic exchange of CRS information with other countries.
  3. A resident visa is issued for three years.
  4. It is necessary to come to the UAE every six months to remain a resident.

Ambitious start-ups and experienced professionals will enjoy favorable conditions for business development, numerous advantages, and convenient logistics.

For the IT world, another significant point is the speed and ability to conduct business remotely online. The United Arab Emirates has also made a mark here. They have adapted their banks to virtual ones and have launched their payment solutions on the territory of the UAE.


In conclusion, the United Arab Emirates is a place to launch IT projects due to its developed infrastructure, supportive government policies, and the growing demand for technology solutions. Browse the latest offers on the website and start your journey to owning a property in the most sought-after area. Favorable tax laws and access to funding opportunities make the UAE a promising destination for entrepreneurs and companies. With its commitment to innovation and digital transformation, the UAE is poised to continue its growth as a hub for IT start-ups and enterprises.