Uses of Poly Aluminium Chloride in Water Treatment

Uses of Poly Aluminium Chloride in Water Treatment
People are constantly looking for safe and super-effective ways to disinfect various water sources such as drinking water, swimming pools, water for irrigation and industry purposes, etc. While bleaching powder is a popular remedy, it is not always safe to purify all private or public water bodies.

However, Poly Aluminium Chloride, commonly referred to as PAC chemical, is quickly becoming a highly preferred way to clear water of pathogens and other toxic contaminants. Incredibly, you can use it to treat both potable and sewage or other wastewater because it has an excellent coagulation efficiency.

Reduced dosages can purify large volumes of water with unbeatable efficacy, drastically minimizing sludge volumes. The following list comprises the incredible ways this fantastic cleaning agent can help people from all walks of life in treating water.


Countless research papers have proved how fantastic PAC is when it comes to quick and effective water purification methods, making life easier for scores of people worldwide. The antimicrobial cleaning formula can effectively eliminate microorganisms in drinking water and make it entirely safe for consumption. It can kill germs, molds, bacteria, and other pathogens by reacting with the microbial cells.

Moreover, owing to its non-corrosive nature, it is excellent to be used in various water-containing units without users worrying about damage to the pipelines.


Whether you are purifying sewage, potable water, or industrial (factory or power plants) effluents, PAC can remove anionic colloidal impurities in no time, ensuring the task is done efficiently. It can also eliminate residual color, making it a highly sought-after cleaning chemical among various commercial and private spectrums. The agent is available in a liquid or powder form of multiple strengths, both equally effective.

Hygiene Maintenance 

Both public and private swimming pools need regular cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the water is purified and safe for swimmers to enjoy. Generally, the water in pools contains many tiny particles that are impurities that can adversely affect the health of people using the pool. PAC customized formulas can help remove these impurities entirely by bringing them out as floc and trapping them later in filters.

This makes PAC a much quicker and more efficient method of eliminating pool water contamination than traditional cleaning techniques, ensuring people use swimming pools safely.

Improved Biosecurity 

There are scores of fish farms where nearly extinct and valuable species are cultivated for various purposes such as preservation or consumption. The water in these units must remain pathogen and chemical-free so that the species being bred in them survive and thrive. For instance, seawater or ponds where prawns and shrimps are bred require scientists to monitor and control the water's Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) concentration.

Most of them prefer PAC chemical as a powerful disinfectant to ensure water security to the valuable harvest, ultimately improving their health and overall quality. It can also effectively deodorize and sterilize the yield, enabling people to work in sanitary conditions.

Buy From the Right Source

While it is critical to consider using PAC to treat your water sources, purchasing the cleaning chemical from the right dealer is equally vital. This will ensure you land a high-quality product at a reasonable price. So, look for reputable and licensed online suppliers who advertise their products openly, offer them at discounted prices, and provide easy exchange or returns policies. These features are exceptionally beneficial for people who wish to buy the chemical in large quantities at logical rates to purify their commercial water bodies.

Additionally, it is advisable to look for retailers with reliable customer support service so that you have the essential guidance you need to get successfully started with the product. This is crucial because first-time buyers may not clearly understand how to use the purification chemical correctly. Timely advice and guidance can go a long way to help them learn to use PAC independently.