How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups

Traffic generation is an essential step to get success in the blogging industry as there are millions of blogs that are being created and updated on a daily to monthly basis and many of them are enjoying almost 70% of the blogging traffic coming from organic search results.

People love to read blogs about so many things like Health, Games, Make money tips, insurance plans, money saving tips, wardrobe tips, Dressing, Fashion, entertainment, and many other topics.

Let's assume that you are a food blogger and you are updating your blog 3/5 times a day with reviews of different products and recipe videos, but you are getting nothing in traffic stats or earnings wallet and you are broke too?

How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups

Or you are a finance blogger and updating your blog with fresh and original updates but still getting nothing? Then you should try arranging a roundup blog post that can easily help you boost your EAT and let search engines give you some traffic as you can have much better content with a roundup post than you alone writing a blog post.


Expert advice on anything you can imagine converts like hellfire and people always tend to read professional sayings on all the things which can be blogged.

Here I am giving you the tips and guidelines to do expert roundups for traffic generation and believe me you can do this easily.
Just read this guide carefully!

What Is an Expert Roundup Post?

A roundup is a "systematic gathering together of people or things" and in blogging, we do it for getting advice and opinions of professionals on a selected topic, issue, or question.

There are 3 types of expert roundup blog posts:

Question and Answer: In this category, a host blogger asks ONE question to other fellow or professional bloggers and get answers to publish in a roundup blog post.

Issue or a Topic: Sometimes we got an issue and if the issue is awesome (horrible) then some bloggers do the game and get the sayings of others to publish in a blog post and solve that issue or provide information on a topic.

Open roundup: In this category, a host arranges a topic and ask the public to answer or give their comments, later the host selects meaningful comments and post in an article with some professional advice and tips. Basically, this is a public poll type of roundup that bloggers can do freely on social media networks and forums.

To get your expert roundup to go viral I suggest you choose a topic or find a question related to the niche of your blog and according to the type of audience you have.

Body of an expert roundup to get in quality

Any type of expert's roundup must have these qualities and indications to make sure that your roundup is a quality article with information on the topic story.

Because if you failed to give your roundup an outstanding look, you'll fail to make relationships with professionals and also with your loyal and new readers, so if you want to do this accordingly to success then read below.

Key points for a good and ready-to-go viral expert roundup:
  1. A perfect topic or question: No to mention that you only have an expert roundup on a topic, issue or question. You can't arrange an awesome and quality roundup without a great topic, so try to find a perfect topic first.
  2. Professionals outreach: After having a great topic or any question you've to create a list of some professionals for that selected topic so you can easily have some words for your expert roundup.
  3. Getting their opinions with transparency: Don't ask them directly on Twitter or in a blog post, ask them to deliver their texts at an email address or make a Google contact form to be fully transparent.
  4. Making a crunchy title: By the crunchy title I mean to say that you've to win reader's hearts on that time when they are looking for an expert roundup and they see your blog post and when they see if your title was crunchy and good they'll read yours even you have the rank number 3 or 5 in SERPs.
Transparency is a key to the success of an expert roundup, don't give your ideas to others to make them your success.

You just have to tell them that you are about to publish a round post and a topic and send the topic the experts will notice and reply to confidently.

How to Drive Traffic by Creating Expert Roundups?

To get your expert roundup to go viral within a week or some days (maybe in one day) you should create the roundup using this step-by-step guide.

Don't get it easy or don't bother with this step by step guide by ignoring any one step, do it like I suggest and make chances of getting huge traffic on your blog. Now read below.

1. Search for a great and rocking topic from your niche

As smartblogger says:
Try to pick a question your target audience is dying to know the answer to. Good questions will often relate to a problem they are struggling with, and the bigger the problem, the bigger the potential interest.
And the niche specific idea about a topic can lead to more participants and people will read it with deeper eyes and they'll comment on their views too, also you can get more professionals to say in your roundup.

For example:

You are ready to make a roundup with expert advice and you don't have a topic, what you'll do? You probably select a topic on your own and it will be like the Views of Professionals on XYZ thing. For example, we can use Blogging in replacement XYZ, now it will look like Views of Professionals on Blogging.

What professional will say about this? Possible that many professionals even don't want to reply to your question.

But, if you were very specific then you can get a chance to get more reply(s) in no time. As they have their precious time for their own projects and they don't want to waste that time on a bullshit type of roundup which can't be a hit.

A tip!

Be in your limits (be in your niche) niche means your blog's niche and topic you frequently publish about and your readers love to read that type of post.

For example:

You have got a food blog and you are frequently posting about the latest recipes in Los Vegas.

The expert roundup for your blog should be like "expert tips and recipes of the year for Los Vegas". This will be a perfect thing for your blog and audience.

This type of roundup will work great and easily be a viral blog post.

How one can search for a great topic?

There are many online communities and tools to get questions or topics which are most discussed and you can search for any niche.

Here's a list of great tools:
  1. Quora: A question-and-answer platform for almost all types of questions and niches. You can easily find questions and discussion topics by searching your desired keyword.
  2. Digg: This is also a great platform to find out what communities and individuals are talking about.
  3. StumbleUpon (now MIX app): If you want to stumble the ideas for your expert roundup then this network is a great way to search about trendy things.
To make a real-time issue roundup you can use Google News or read newspapers as these things can give you a hint about upcoming or happening trendy things.

2. Create a submission form for experts

Creating a submission form can lead you to the transparency of the idea and make it easy for both (you and the experts) to arrange views and get information like information about roundup, headshot of experts, links of website and social accounts, bio of experts and their views on the topic/question you are doing roundup for.

With some online platforms and tools, there is no need to send personal emails to experts, you just have to send them a link.

You can do this work with the below free-to-use tools:
  1. Foxy Form: A completely free-of-cost service that comes with anti-spam protection and other features.
  2. Many Contacts: Easy to install and customizable contact form maker to make sure you get all the information of experts.
  3. Free Online Surveys: This a great to use for roundups survey form builder with great options to make sure we get our task done in time.
If you are not satisfied then get the helping hands of Google.

To do this work without wasting time on coding or hiring a coder, you can rely on Google forms. There is a free trial and you can use professional features by paying only $5 to Google apps. If you can't use Google forms professionally then watch this video tutorial by SyncSisters and learn from basics to advanced.

3. Make a list of real experts in your niche

To make it possible that your expert roundup can boost your traffic, you should have a great list of experts in your niche after having a good topic.

As the expert's list is the backbone of your roundup and it can lead your hard work to success or failure. So do it professionally.

Outreach to experts is key to the success of a roundup post, so be ready and follow me on Twitter ;)

Yeah! Twitter is a lovely platform to make a list of experts in any industry or niche.

You just have to create a private list of some experts and after that, you can search for others by hashtag searches.
For example you can search using hashtag #blogging in Twitter search and it will give you the idea of latest and great talent in industry, you can then find experts using other hashtags and finding public lists of some experts.
See below to know how you can create a private list of experts on Twitter.
hot baby showing her sexy boobs with a hot cleavage
After clicking on the Gear button you'll see options like below screen.
Creating experts list for roundup blog posts
Now after you click on "Add or remove from lists..." you'll see options to fill same as you can see in below screen shot.
Creating experts list for roundup blog posts
Name your list and add description, after that check private box and click on Save list button as mentioned above.

Now it will show two options one to check your privacy and second to create a list by clicking on a button as shown in below screen shot.
Creating experts list for roundup blog posts
After clicking on Create a list button don't forget to refresh your browsers tab and you'll see your created list at options bar.
Creating experts list for roundup blog posts
Making a list of experts in your niche is almost done.

4. Make experts wait for you

Don't push them for direct answers, contact them by tweeting them or sending a private message (if allowed), and let them know that you are willing to add their views to your upcoming expert roundup blog post.

Ask them whether they are interested in participating in your roundup or not, don't worry if they do not reply.

Just make your voice in their mind and after contacting all the listed experts wait for 2/3 days and when you got some reply messages with a good response (even 10 or 11) you can start sending the question or topic to all the listed experts (also to those who didn't even reply).

Creating a gap of 2/3 days for the real idea can lead your roundup to have its position and go viral easily.

Because the experts will start thinking that you are about to blow the internet with this roundup and they'll participate to get more exposure from your roundup.

Yeah! They all are greedy for exposure and authority or famous-ness, and you can take the benefit out of it.

5. Organizing the expert roundup blog post

Create a way to show your creativity with the style of organizing your expert roundup blog post.

Basically, you've to arrange your expert roundup article for experts and readers too, it means when a reader reads your article it has to feel like you created this roundup just for that reader and when an expert comes to your article and he/she reads the text it should look like that you were created that roundup to show the authority of experts.

Some things to keep in mind while creating a content plan:
  1. What to show first: Basically you can add an introduction in the first paragraphs and after that add an all-in-one view of any great expert you love to tell others.
  2. Formatting: Make use of headings and bullet points with a touch of colons and use custom images, also headshots of experts.
  3. Numbering: Add numbers to the views of experts and make it easy to understand how many experts were participating in your roundup.
  4. Social sharing buttons: Add social media sharing button at the end of your roundup post and don't forget to make images pin-able, also add a click to tweet button on some really good views.
  5. Conclusion or a CTA: At the end of the article you've to write a crunchy and mind-opening conclusion or you can monetize that area with a solid Call To Action.
A call to action is something you can add in the end like a banner, advertisements, promo for your product, or an affiliate link.


In the end,

It was very difficult for me to do this guide and I've done it with the help of my mind and the internet (yeah the keyboard mouse and the whole computer).

I think doing an expert roundup blog post is not that easy but anyone can do it when he/she give the best into this step and do hard work.

As someone great said that hard work pays off.

So be ready to do the expert roundup on your selected topic or question and don't forget to mention your success or failure in the comments and also write about this guide too. Thanks