5 Hacks to Keep Your Dog Healthy

5 Hacks to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs are a man's best friend. And it's our responsibility as dog parents to take care of them. There are lots of ways through which you can ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy.

Studies have revealed that around 33 percent of pet owners have admitted that their pets have become overweight during the ongoing pandemic.

But maintaining your dog's health doesn't need to be tedious at all. Check out these five easy ways with which you can effectively take care of your four-legged friend!

1. Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is very crucial for a dog’s good health. The diet of your pet plays a major role in maintaining healthy body weight and facilitating metabolism. It is one of the most effective strategies you can employ to protect your pet dog from obesity-related problems and increase his lifespan.

A healthy balanced diet consisting of equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals is required to effectively cater to your pet's needs.

Make sure that your pet dog drinks a generous amount of water and stays hydrated throughout the day. You can also explore https://www.petstock.com.au/dog for more alternatives on healthy dog food.

2. Daily Exercise

Like humans, dogs also need their daily dose of exercise. Daily exercise improves their mobility and also boosts their overall health.

Walking is very important for every pet dog - not only for excretion but also to keep their moods happy throughout the day. You can also play with them with various dog toys, hide their treats, build obstacle courses or just play catch to keep them engaged.

3. Socialization

The age group of a puppy from being a week old to around sixteen weeks is known as the formative period of the puppy. This period is very important, as, during this time, all the basic habits of a furry friend start developing.

Therefore, exposure to new surroundings and people is extremely important for a healthy life ahead. If the puppy remains confined and restricted, as an adult, your pet will start having antisocial disorders or has a high chance of developing aggressive behavior.

Therefore, make sure that your pet socializes enough and is around more people and other puppies so that this problem can be avoided at all costs. You can also try taking your pet to dog cafes and dog parks, and let them loose with their own kind.

4. Affection and Grooming

As a dog parent, it is important for you to establish a strong bond with your pet dog. Studies have proven that dogs absolutely love affection, and whenever a person shows affection to them, they tend to get more attached.

Try cuddling or petting your dog to build an emotional connection with them. Occasionally brushing out their furs can be another love language for them.

Along with affection, grooming also plays a major role in your dog’s health. Grooming usually involves keeping your pet tidy and clean, chipping off their nails when they get too long, brushing their thick furs around two or three times a week and giving them baths at regular intervals.  

If you adopt good grooming habits, it will also help your pet to avoid any kind of infection on the skin or on their fur.

5. Medications and Regular Check-ups

Because of their inability to talk, many things often remain unexposed and untreated for pets. Therefore, it is advised that as a dog parent you should take your dog for regular checkups to the vet and minimize all kinds of risks.

Make sure you get the annual wellness exam done for your dog, as it can facilitate early diagnosis of any serious disease. You must also be very cautious about your dog’s medications (if any) and make sure they are having them as prescribed by the vet.

If suggested, you can also opt for preventative medicines as it avoids numerous common ailments and infections.

Over to you…

Adopting a pet dog is not as easy as it seems. It comes with many responsibilities and sacrifices that we, as dog parents, must be able to perform. It is our duty to look after the well-being of our furry little friends and to make sure they remain happy and healthy!