5 Reasons to Consider to Opt for Cosmetic Dental Makeover

5 Reasons to Consider to Opt for Cosmetic Dental Makeover

The most noticeable feature about a person is their smile. Stained, discolored, chipped, or broken teeth have an opposite effect on your personality and make you lose confidence in yourself. This is why a cosmetic dental makeover is a perfect solution. A perfect smile can make everything look better, right? Thanks to advanced cosmetic technologies, dental treatments are faster and more effective than ever and more durable! 

If you are skeptical about cosmetic smile makeovers, this blog will help you give insight and help you decide to get your perfect smile sooner. 

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Interested in improving your broken, chipped, or crooked teeth for a better smile? Cosmetic dentistry is your answer. 

It is the dental solution for patients who want perfect teeth to maintain their smile, health, and appearance. Smile enhancement procedures have been trending for a decade now. Additionally, according to this dentist who does teeth whitening in Harrisburg, cosmetic dentistry can also address dental issues such as tooth gap and and gummy smile.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), about 96% of people want to choose cosmetic dental treatments for multiple reasons like improving appearances, looking younger, health reasons, and so on. 

These days porcelain veneers, metal-free crowns, direct bonding, and teeth whitening are the most basic dental makeovers people are opting for. 

How much does cosmetic dental makeover cost?

Each cosmetic dental treatment requires a different level of expertise and certifications even before performing them. Therefore the costs for every treatment will vary. 

Teeth whitening are the most basic and least expensive procedure that can cost you at least $500. 

Dental veneers - These are custom-made porcelain tooth shells that cover your natural teeth surface on the front. It can cost you around $500 - $1,300 per tooth! 

Dental bonding - A durable plastic material in a tooth-colored shape is resin-like applied on the tooth surface with a laser light or ultraviolet to bond the material. It is then trimmed and polished, costing around $100 - $400 per tooth. 

Dental crown means a cap that fits over and replaces the damaged tooth just above the gum line to prevent a weak or crooked tooth from being damaged. It can cost from $500 - $900 for each tooth. 

All of these cosmetic dental treatments need to be done professionally. There’s always a chance that any of these treatments can go wrong. Even a bad dental implant can compromise 9% of case volume. So choose your dentist wisely to avoid dental malpractice, no matter the cost. 

5 Most common reasons to choose cosmetic dentistry

Dental imperfections can be a nightmare for many. Thanks to the advancements, cosmetic dentistry has improved over time. So if a person has the right budget and facility to get treated, they can choose cosmetic dental makeover for multiple reasons. 

1. Improves appearance 

One of the most common reasons to opt for cosmetic dental treatment is to improve appearance. A smile can “literally” make everything better, but only if it's not crooked. A smile makeover is worth considering as it helps improve your facial features big time. 

To improve the smile, people usually go through crown placements, fillings, or crowning. 

2. Improves oral health 

Are you missing teeth? It sounds terrible, alright. Did you know if you are missing a tooth, it can affect your bone beneath? It can even result in jaw decay! 

Constant use of alcoholic items, sugary and acidic foods fastens tooth decay. Decayed teeth can break easily. Therefore to improve your oral health, you can choose dental crowns to restore your oral hygiene. Cosmetic dental treatments can help stimulate the bone structure and a strong jaw. 

3. Better functionality 

Oral health is always a big concern once your permanent teeth set in. Teeth in bad shape can even cause difficulty in eating and speaking. For instance, if you cannot pronounce certain words, bad teeth placement can be the cause of it. Or, if a tooth or two are missing, even something as basic as chewing can become difficult, causing damage to other teeth. 

For this purpose, the person can end their suffering by choosing a capping treatment that allows better chewing. Implants are yet another option you can opt for in such a case. 

4. Special events 

Do you have your wedding planned for the near future? Or is it homecoming next month? Sometimes special occasions demand the right preparation. Let’s say you have a crooked smile or gap between your teeth, your confidence can shatter in social gatherings pretty easily. 

So another popular reason to get dental makeovers is the special occasions that mean a lot to you. Weddings, birthdays, graduation, a holiday, etc., are some of the most important occasions in one’s life. Something as simple and basic as teeth whitening can work like a charm. 

5. Better smile 

Sometimes a reason behind the cosmetic dental makeover can be as simple as having a better smile! 

Enhancing a smile improves self-confidence. Many people have a naturally beautiful smile, but those too suffer from basic oral problems like a gap between the front teeth. This is why these treatments work wonders for them. 

Teeth whitening, capping, or implants can improve dental alignment. Plus, give you the perfect smile you have always desired. Most procedures are affordable, yet another reason to opt for them. 

Tips for maintaining your cosmetic smile

Having a better smile is not the end of a solution to your teeth problems. You still need to maintain it post-treatment too. Therefore, personal habits and oral hygiene practices will also impact the durability of your cosmetic dental makeover. 

It’s never too late to maintain healthy-looking teeth post-cosmetic dental treatment.  

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly. 
  • Avoid consuming tobacco products. 
  • Reduce intake of sugary drinks and processed foods. 
  • Pay your dentist a regular visit. 

Cosmetic dental makeovers can help you improve your smile. While how long it will last cannot be determined with proper dental care and a healthy regime, your pearly whites will last longer than expected.