Building Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry

Building Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry

How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps Improve Confidence

Building confidence, improving self-esteem, having self-assurance — it’s all easier said than done. It requires both mental and physical labor. The good thing is that there are many ways to boost your confidence. One of them is cosmetic dentistry. 

With cosmetic teeth adjustments, you can bring your smile to perfection, which can be a real confidence booster. You can visit our website to discover all the benefits cosmetic dentistry has to offer.  

How Teeth Affect Self Esteem

Healthy and beautiful-looking teeth have been an important signifier of beauty for centuries and still are today. That is why many people feel self-conscious about their teeth in one way or another. Teeth that are misaligned, missing, or discolored can make us deeply insecure, so many people with bad teeth often feel hesitant about smiling. They often avoid taking pictures or even smiling in general. That can, understandably, profoundly affect their mental well-being. 

But not all is lost. Just like a bad-looking smile can negatively affect a person’s self-image, a good-looking smile can have a positive effect. So, without further ado, here are some common procedures that can assist you in building self-confidence. 

Tooth Whitening 

Tooth whitening, or tooth bleaching, is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures according to this expert dentist in Oakland. And it’s also a quick and relatively easy way to fix up your smile and boost your confidence. Unlike most other dental procedures, tooth whitening doesn’t require too much commitment. It’s also fairly affordable, and there are many different ways to do it.

For quicker results, you can opt to get your teeth professionally bleached at a dentist’s office. Laser teeth whitening is probably the fastest and most efficient option, especially if you want lasting results. Another good option is Zoom teeth whitening, which is done with LED lights instead of lasers. This option takes a bit longer. However, it’s a stellar choice if you have sensitive teeth.

Lastly, you can ask your dentist about a teeth whitening kit and get your impression taken to make customized trays. Or, you can look into natural remedies. That includes trying out baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. But, keep in mind that at-home teeth whitening methods take longer to yield results than ones done professionally. However, it’s still worth the wait.  

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are the most efficient way to bring your smile to perfection, and they have been the no. 1 procedure in cosmetic dentistry for a very long time. In case you’re unfamiliar with how they work, dental veneers are thin shells made out of porcelain that go over the surface of your teeth. They’re almost like tiny masks that fit over your natural teeth. 

In order to put the veneers into place, your teeth need to be filed down. After that, an impression is taken, and custom veneers are made accordingly. Dental veneers are the perfect choice for people whose teeth are chipped, fractured, or deeply stained. You can get veneers fitted over all of your front teeth or only a couple. Regardless of your choice, veneers are probably the best way to create a perfect smile. 

Enamel Bonding

If your teeth are chipped or badly stained teeth, you can ask your cosmetic dentist for an enamel bonding. Enamel bonding is done using the same material that’s used for dental fillings. Using this moldable material, your dentist can mold your tooth to perfection. However, if you’re looking for a lasting solution, you should opt for dental veneers since enamel bonding doesn’t last as long. 

Enamel Microabrasion

Enamel abrasion is the perfect procedure for discolored teeth. Using a microabrasion machine, your dentist will be able to get rid of all the superficial stains on your teeth. That includes stains from coffee, soda, wine, etc. However, this procedure doesn’t really work for non-surface stains. 

Invisalign Braces

Braces are a great way to straighten your teeth and get that perfect smile, and Invisalign braces are even better. They’re especially great if you’re an adult and embarrassed about wearing braces. That is because Invisalign braces are, as you can guess by the name, invisible. In other words, no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing them, so you’ll be free to focus on your confidence building, self-esteem improving journey.

Dental Implants

If you’re struggling with damaged teeth or tooth loss, dental implants can be the solution to your problems. Dental implants are also perfectly identical to your natural teeth, so they’ll blend right in.

So, how do they function? Well, firstly, a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw in place of the missing tooth, and this serves as a support for a crown. Then, once everything is fused, the implant will remain in its place. You’ll need to be extra careful and keep your dental hygiene perfect during the process of implant placement to keep food debris and plaque away from the implant area. But, with a bit of practiced diligence, everything will work out fine, and you’ll be left with the perfect smile. 

Inlays and Onlays

This procedure is a good solution if you’re struggling with moderate tooth decay or you’re missing the necessary structure for a filling. Inlays and Onlays involve an indirect filling made in a dental lab. 

An Inlay is placed directly onto the surface of the tooth. But, if you’re missing a significant portion of your tooth or if it’s damaged, your dentist will suggest covering the entire surface of your tooth with an Onlay.

Inlays and Onlays are made using porcelain or another type of ceramic material. They’re then attached to your teeth using dental cement. 

Gingival Contouring

A smile with a lot of exposed gum tissue can pose a self-esteem issue for a lot of people. But don’t worry — there are several ways to get rid of a gummy smile. 

Gingival contouring can be done using laser treatment, lip repositioning, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, and, lastly, gingival sculpting. Depending on the procedure, gingival contouring can be done by an orthodontist, periodontist, or even an oral surgeon.