Best Puzzle Games for iPhone in 2023 That You Should Try

Best Puzzle Games for iPhone in 2023 That You Should Try

Puzzlers are true chameleons of the online entertainment habitat. They can remotely resemble adventure titles, camouflage themselves as RPGs, and even tip the gaming iceberg with their seemingly minimalist style. Apple puzzle games are extremely versatile and can be both really complex and charmingly simple. One thing is for sure: top level mobile puzzles will keep you thrillingly occupied long-term as you go the extra mile to level up and finally make the desired breakthrough.

Whether you’re on the prowl for a challenge or just want to pass the time, mobile puzzles for iPhone are your best bet. They’re fun, addictive, a breeze to play, and will keep you busy for hours. In this piece, we’ll highlight a selection of the best iOS puzzle games 2023 with excellent visuals, straightforward controls, and entertaining gameplay. 

1. 2048

2048 is a simple yet addictive puzzle game where players slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048. It's great for playing on an iPhone due to its easy-to-use touch interface and the game's requirement for quick thinking and strategy, making it perfect for short bursts of play. Additionally, its minimalistic design provides a pleasurable and engaging experience without overwhelming the player, ideal for mobile gaming for players of all skill levels.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

If you like a game that combines puzzles, board games, and card games without making you experience the drawbacks of the typical free-to-play titles, this puzzle-RPG is definitely worth giving a try. While playing, you will enjoy collecting characters from the game universe and training them to their highest potential. That way, you will form the best team ever. No doubt, if you’re a Dragon Ball Z saga fan, then this new chapter is sure to make you jump for joy. 

3. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Being a new title in the highly popular franchise, this gaming adventure comes with similar mechanics and some brand new, refreshing twists that are sure to make you want to play it nonstop. One-of-a-kind candies, fantastic matching combos, and intricate modes that will shower you with purple soda and plenty of delicious fun. The title is free to play but comes with certain easily disableable in-game purchases. Overall, the game is as fun as the original, so no wonder it made it to our most popular puzzle game selection.

4. Project Makeover

This heavily Candy Crush-inspired match-3 puzzler lets you choose outfits, makeup, furniture, and other accessories for characters using funds you earn from matching games. The app is a cakewalk to enjoy, the learning curve is minimal. The makeovers are cute, and the puzzles are just enough of a challenge to entertain you without being too easy. Project Makeover gets regular updates, so you’ll definitely get to enjoy tons of new quality content. It’s among our top puzzle games for iPhone and an ideal choice if you enjoy style, fashion, and challenges. 

5. Empires & Puzzles

Another excellent title on the Asolytics best puzzle app list. The game is a fresh take on match-3 adventure puzzler, a combination of RPG elements, raids, and strategy, all peppered with turn-based castle building, tactical battles, and amazing PvP duels. While playing this strategy puzzle game, you’ll come across fantastic heroes, threatening monsters, and spine-chilling action. Empires & Puzzles is a game for people of all ages, you will play it for hours and won’t get tired at all. Top-level replayability and excellent graphics. Definitely worth putting through its paces.

6. Toon Blast

This cute and charming puzzle game is all about matching colored objects for the purpose of making it to the finish line. Your victory here is determined by the different combinations you ultimately pull off. In comparison with other free-to-play titles, Toon Blast doesn’t make you watch annoying ads between rounds. All in all, the game is not absolutely free to enjoy, but chances are you won’t need its paid packages and will make it under your own steam. Definitely among the most entertaining iPhone puzzle games on the scene.

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