Soon WhatsApp Users Will Be Able to Send Messages to Unsaved Contacts

Soon WhatsApp Users Will Be Able to Send Messages to Unsaved Contacts

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to send messages without adding a number to the contact.

WhatsApp from Meta is a popular messaging service that allows users to send messages, and make audio and video calls over the internet. WhatsApp has announced a new update for its app which will allow users to send messages to unsaved contacts that are on WhatsApp but not in your contacts list.

This new feature will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Facebook (WhatsApp parent company as Meta) is also planning to add this feature in the future, on other platforms as well.

The company has also said that this new update will not allow people to message anyone they want. They can only message people who have added them as friends on WhatsApp.

This new feature is called WhatsApp Chat and it will allow users to have a conversation with their friends without adding their phone number or email address. The sender will only need the recipient's name in order to send them a message, which is much easier than having to type out the recipient's phone number or email address every time you want to reach them for a quick chat.

As far as privacy is in concerns, the sender can also block the recipient from viewing his/her profile picture, status, last seen information, and location. This way, they can have an anonymous chat with whomever they please without worrying about being stalked on social media.

This is an important update for WhatsApp users who want to use it as a messaging app only and not as a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.

At the moment, the new feature of Whatsapp works only in the beta version of the app and it is not known when it will be fully launched for all users.