Twitter Is Working on a Tweet Editing Feature

Update: The feature is now available to all Twitter users.

Twitter is working on a tweet editing feature that will allow users to edit their tweets.

Can you Edit a Tweet on Twitter?

If you ever asked this question to Google or your pro-twitter-friend, you are not alone, every Twitter user has been asking and questing about this missing feature, Twitter just listened to this. In a few months, all Twitter users will be able to edit the tweets they have already sent.

This new feature is coming in response to criticism that the social media platform has faced for not allowing users to edit their tweets but delete them.

Twitter Is Working on a Tweet Editing Feature

The editing function would be available for personal use and not for public viewing. This new feature will allow users to delete or change tweets, but it will not be possible to add or upload new content to the tweets.

News platforms shared that this new tweet editing function is designed as a means of clearing up mistakes, such as typos or messages that might have been misinterpreted.

It’s also an opportunity for people who want to delete a tweet containing sensitive information before it can be seen by others, such as those who are being interviewed by journalists and want to remove their previous comments about the topic at hand at any given time.

This feature would allow users to edit any tweet they have sent in the past, but only for themselves.

The company has been testing the feature for months and now it is ready to launch it.  The new editing feature will allow you to edit your tweet’s text, delete any of its characters, or add a photo or video (not confirmed). It will also let you change the time and date of your tweet.

In the coming months, the option to edit tweets will be tested among owners of a paid Twitter Blue subscription.

The tweet editing feature will be available in all languages, but not for all devices yet, and surely will be rolling out once it becomes valuable.