The Recruiters Toolkit: A Collection of 5 Browser Extensions for Sourcing

The Recruiters Toolkit: A Collection of 5 Browser Extensions for Sourcing

The 5 Best Browser Extensions For Recruiters

If you aren’t using browser extensions, you are wasting hours and potentially missing out on amazing recruits. Browser extensions can instantly improve your recruiting process as they are fast to download and simple to use. In this article, we will look at the top 6 browser extensions for recruiters.

1. SignalHire

Are you tired of your LinkedIn messages being left on reading? Are you struggling to find contact details for game-changing recruits? Then it is time to head over to! SignalHire is an incredible people finder tool that allows you to pull emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn and other websites. SignalHire also has a 600 million-strong global database, which you can search to find a recruit’s email and phone number immediately. To start extracting emails from LinkedIn using SignalHire, head to the Chrome Store, download the SignalHire extension, and create a free SignalHire account. All you need to do is open a LinkedIn profile, click your SignalHire extension, and hit the reveal contacts button. This awesome tool will instantly reveal emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles. While LinkedIn is an amazing resource for recruiting, it can be challenging to get potential recruits to respond to your messages; SignalHire solves this issue! SignalHire is the fastest way to get contact information from LinkedIn, which you can use to contact recruits more efficiently. You can try SignalHire out for free and receive 5 complimentary credits for every month when you create a free account. Paid accounts start at just $39 per month!

2. Grammarly

Don’t let typos and silly grammatical errors make your company look poorly and scare away potential workers. Nothing signals a lack of professionalism like poorly written emails and recruitment materials riddled with typos. Luckily, Grammarly is here to instantly turn you into the next coming of Shakespeare! Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that checks for readability, plagiarism, grammar, spelling mistakes, and more! Grammarly uses the latest AI technology to boost your writing capability and come up with optimized corrections. To install Grammarly, open the Google Chrome Store, search for Grammarly, and hit download. Once you have installed the extension, Grammarly will automatically proofread your writing, whether in Google Docs or Gmail. Grammarly can save your precious time and improve your writing. Grammarly can help you reach more recruits as you can cut down serious editing time and boost your conversion rates as you will write more captivating and error-free content. You can access Grammarly Basic for free right now. All you need to do is to create an account and download the extension. The free version will catch basic grammatical and spelling mistakes. To access plagiarism checkers, readability scores, and detailed writing critiques, you can upgrade to Grammarly Premium starting from $30 per month.

3. HubSpot Email Tracker

Do you want to know if your prospects are reading your emails? Then you need HubSpot Email Tracker! With this awesome tool, you will receive an alert whenever someone opens your emails, including a timestamp. HubSpot Email Tracker will also keep a tally of how many times a prospect has opened your email. HubSpot Email Tracker can boost your email recruiting success as you can quickly identify candidates who are highly interested based on the number of times they have opened your email. Also, instead of abandoning recruits who didn't respond to your emails, you can resend them the same email. Many recruiters like to send an email, and then once they have seen that the prospect has read it follow up with a phone call. This strategy makes calls less cold and improves the chances of making a connection and progressing the recruit through the funnel. By using these simple tactics, which are possible thanks to HubSpot Email Tracker, you should see a big improvement in your conversion rate. HubSpot Email Tracker is a completely free tool, and you can install it on your Chrome browser right now! Don’t just send emails and hope for a response. Use this awesome tool to find which candidates are reading your messages.

4. Calendly

Does it seem like you are constantly missing phone calls, running late for meetings, or having to cancel Zoom conferences? Then it is time to re-organize your calendar and use your time more effectively with Calendly! Calendly is an online scheduling tool that synchronizes a variety of schedules and puts them neatly into one centralized calendar. Calendly takes the stress out of organizing your day and time as you can simply open your Calendly and instantly find out what tasks you need to achieve today, such as a Zoom meeting with your team at 9:30 am, a phone call with a candidate at 10:15 am and a team lunch at 2:30 pm. Thanks to Calendly, you won’t ever feel like the day is too short. This centralized calendar will help you use every second of the day efficiently so you can find the very best candidates for your company. This tool is incredibly helpful for people who are a little forgetful and tend to waste time. You can install Calendly for free on your Chrome browser and upgrade to a more advanced version for just $8 per month.

5. Buffer

Are you spending hours of your day trying to run your company's recruitment social media pages? Do you have no time to focus on other crucial recruitment tasks? Then you need Buffer! Buffer is a social media tool that allows you to compose posts for all of your social media accounts from one centralized location. Buffer also allows you to schedule your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, so you don't have to click that post button over and over again! If you aren't using Buffer, you are wasting way too much time on social media when you could be calling, emailing, and interviewing prospects. Automate your social media accounts now by using Buffer's incredible platform and scheduling capabilities. You can download the Buffer Chrome extension for free right now. If you want to fully run your social media profiles through Buffer and perform everything from hashtags, thumbnails, mentions, first comments, and more, you can upgrade for just $5 per month. A paid Buffer account also gives you access to detailed analytics on your content's performance and the users.

Final Thoughts

Browser extensions can save you time, help you discover a hidden talent, and boost your conversion rates. There are 100,000 extensions out there, but thanks to our guide, you now know 5 most effective extensions for recruiters. Whether you want to improve your prospecting (SignalHire), avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes (Grammarly), find out which recruits are reading your emails (HubSpot Email Tracker). Take your recruiting game to the next level by trying our recommended browser extensions!