Five Reasons to Buy a Waterfront Home

Five Reasons to Buy a Waterfront Home

Imagine living on a year-round vacation spot near sparkling water and gorgeous scenery. Although it sounds amazing, you might think it’s an unrealistic and expensive dream. Waterfront homes may be prime holiday locations, but should you buy one?

The answer is an emphatic yes. Waterfront homes are top-tier real estate investments. There are many advantages to owning a waterfront home. 

This doesn’t mean they’re without disadvantages. They’re certainly more expensive than normal pieces of real estate. Moreover, they’re tougher to maintain and renovate. 

However, the pros outweigh the cons. Here is a complete guide on waterfront homes and why you should buy them.

What Are Waterfront Homes?

Firstly, you shouldn’t confuse waterfront homes with water view homes. The latter is a home where you can see a nearby water body from the window or balcony. Waterfront homes are right next to a body of water, ranging from oceans to lakes and large ponds.

However, waterfront homes don’t necessarily give you direct access to the water body. It depends on the natural topography of the landscape. For example, a waterfront home maybe next to the ocean, but may have a cliff blocking access to the beach.

Also, owning a waterfront home doesn’t grant you riparian rights. If you don’t know, riparian rights are legal rights granted to people who own land near bodies of water. It gives them ownership of certain sections of the water body. 

If you buy a waterfront home, you’ll simply have ownership over the land. Those living on beachfront homes won’t have ownership of the beach. 

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Waterfront Home

Now, you’re clear on the definition, so let’s get into the reasons why waterfront homes are smart investments. Depending on where you live, you can find diverse properties, ranging from luxury condos to lakeside cabins. 

However, it’s always essential to thoroughly research potential properties, depending on your desired location and price range. Otherwise, you won’t be able to avail the benefits of having a waterfront home. 

Overall, waterfront homes are beneficial because:

1. They Are Excellent Investments

As mentioned, waterfront properties are more expensive than normal real estate opportunities. The market value is quite high due to the immense demand for such homes. This is especially true for beach homes. 

Although you need sufficient funds to invest in a waterfront home, you can easily earn your money back by renting the home. If your property is on a prime vacation spot, you can market your home and rent it out, especially during peak summer and winter seasons. 

It’s an excellent source of income, yielding at least $35,000 annually. For example, in Florida, top-tier vacation condos are highly popular in small cities like Destin or Panama City Beach. Vacation rental owners make a minimum of $50,000 per year in these areas. 

However, you don’t need to rent your home to others. If you choose to live there, you’ll find excellent returns on your investment when you decide to sell. On average, the resale value of waterfront homes can increase up to 30%. 

The percentage can be even higher if you’ve renovated the home. It also depends on where your home is located. The resale value in California and New York is greater than that of Florida. 

2. Waterfront Locations Are Ideal for Peaceful Getaways

These locations are ideal for people who dislike densely populated cities. In the US, most waterfront homes are available in either artificial or natural preserves.

From oceanfront condos in Florida to lakeside homes in the Hamptons, most people appreciate the privacy and peace of these properties. However, the isolation means that the area has limited work, school, and recreational opportunities. 

For example, some localities in Florida are gated and small. Living there full-time is unrealistic for people with office jobs. 

As such, most people treat these homes as vacation spots. If you buy a waterfront home, you can consider it a getaway spot from your busy work and family life. 

3. Being Closer to Nature Is Better for Health

If you want to live in a waterfront home (as opposed to renting it out), you’ll find there are certain health benefits. For one, your mental health is more likely to improve in a peaceful and tranquil environment such as a waterfront location. 

In large cities, people are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression as city life involves high levels of stress, noise, and pollution. Since waterfront properties are isolated and closer to nature, you can relax more easily. 

As stress and high-tension situations are reduced, your physical health also improves. You can ease allergies by breathing in fresh, clean air. Similarly, you can manage conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease more easily. 

You’re less likely to trigger symptoms in peaceful surroundings. 

4. The Area’s Beauty Is Everlasting

Another great thing about waterfront homes is the everlasting beauties. As mentioned, one of the main perks of such homes is that they’re closed-off locations. The main advantage of these homes is their proximity to greenery and other natural beauty. 

Most homes are designed to enhance the area’s natural topography and foliage. As such, you can be sure that no developer will ever ruin the area’s beauty. You and your neighbors pay to preserve the area as it is. 

The same can’t be said for other investment properties, which may be altered as time passes. In 20 years, your apartment building may be torn down. However, your waterfront home will still be standing. 

5. Waterfront Properties Are Family-Friendly

If you buy a waterfront property in a thriving suburb, you’ll find that it’s the ideal place to raise a family. Of course, exposing children to nature and fresh air is beneficial to their physical and mental development. 

However, waterfront homes can form tight-knit communities where children can thrive socially. Additionally, both children and adults can enjoy the recreational perks of these homes. 

Water sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving, and kayaking are not only good exercise, but they’re also educational. For children particularly, these activities can introduce them to local marine life.


To sum it up, buying a waterfront home isn’t a bad idea. If you’ve got the financial security for such a decision, you should take the plunge. The investment returns outweigh other costs such as maintenance and inspections. Moreover, these homes can be great homes for families. 

Living in a vacation paradise doesn’t need to remain a fantasy. Through adequate research and pricing, you can find a waterfront home that suits your needs.