How to Create the Best Marketeing Videos at the Comfort of Your Home

How to Create the Best Marketeing Videos at the Comfort of Your Home

It is no surprise to anyone dabbling in the marketing universe, that marketing videos are on the best types of content that one could create. Most of these are made for brands or products that you represent, or an outside party does. Whichever it is, there is a lot of thought and stressful thinking and planning incorporated into the finished product. And therefore, whether it be a simple explainer video or even a behind-the-scenes shot, we must not stress out our minds but still create an awesome brand. These videos are highly beneficial since it helps your brand to achieve a more sophisticated outlook.

These videos always allow you to communicate the adequate and required information, and is also conveyed easily and also efficiently, while creating a virtual connection with the viewers on the other side. What is most important, and intriguing is that nowadays people want videos. 86% of the majority opinions of the society, would like to see a brand that is being showcased in a video format. Though the demand and the need are there, it often difficult for marketers to pursue it. There is an estimate percentage of 29% of marketers, that still need the guidance and the knowledge to hop on to the video train.

So, if you’re a marketer that is a freelancer or have only a limited knowledge and resource regarding the subject, especially video marketing may look a little challenging. But fret not, as this article here will cover the basics and the simple that you can do to create a video for a brand without a great hassle. This sort of marketing videos appears in different brands of different sizes. As a marketer what you must know is to create a beautiful result with minimal effort.


Sure enough, having the dream team of marketers beside you would be something out of the ideal world, but when circumstances such as you are handling a brand on your own is the case, you need the proper guidance and most importantly, the proper tools in order to achieve it. In addition, the one thing you must know is that you are easily capable of creating a DIY video with absolute amazing results. These are some of the most recommended tools that you can use to do so.

If you are need of videos or footage that are pre-made, be free of the hassle by finding of footage in these main three sites, for more free, affordable, and quality content.

  • Adobe Stock – Adobe Stock allows you to search through millions of pictures and videos, for you to easily print and design projects or even enhance your branding videos and content. This is also an excellent choice of finding high quality content with also the accessibility to Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, which makes it more advantageous since Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software. 
  • iStock
  • Shutterstock

Speaking of editing software, our next requirement is exactly that. For beginner levels and also for future knowledge and also skills, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and even as mentioned before Adobe Premiere Pro are awesome editing software that is recommended to use. All these software are also on a monthly subscription basis, making the software to be readily available when you need.

Screen Recording or Video Capturing Software for Smartphones – One of the recommended videos capturing software, would be Filmic Pro. Filmic Pro allows you to manually change the quality and also the frame rate.

A Camera – Though modern smartphones like iPhone is able to capture a high-quality video, still DSLRs are also an awesome option.

Mics – If you are giving a voice to your videos, use a mic that is easily accessible for you, such as USB clip-on mic.

Lighting – Lighting is highly important when it comes to making these videos, and especially when you are DIYing it. A portable desk lamp is ideal, and its perfect if it one where you can adjust the light temperatures, giving different atmospheres to different footage.


Now that you gathered all the necessary tools and requirements, let’s get started on the strategy that you will have to follow. It is always best to have a plan or strategy, since your goal is to produce an awesome product without being stressed out.

First and foremost, you must initially start with your video goals. Preferably, you would start creating a video that meets all the marketing funnel criteria, but you mustn’t be hasty and take a decision as such as you might get start in between. Initially, choose a stage that exactly meets your target. So, there are three stages that you must consider.

Awareness: The viewer realizes that there is an opportunity that he/she is able to take, as the need and the availability previously didn’t exist, and now it does. Videos containing any awareness related content often attract a lot of users, which is quite ideal when introducing a brand to a new audience.

Consideration: These type of videos makes the viewer consider; how will he/she solve a problem if they are facing one. The viewer would be compelled to research about it, asking recommendations, reading reviews and try to find solutions.

Decision: Your solution has been half-way made and you want to stay top of mind. You can then present your work along with customer satisfaction and also prove why this product you made is to be chosen over your rival competitions.

Once considering all of this, it is best to create an awareness video for your brand, as it is best to attract new audiences. But if you want an audience that will engage often, then a consideration video is ideal. And also, if you close to making a decision and you still need to nurture your ideas, then a decision video is recommended.


The next stage is for you to decide, what sort of a narrative are you going to present to the audience. There are four key elements that you must outline and follow, to make this task easier to handle.

  • Protagonist with an end goal
  • Conflict
  • Quest
  • Resolution

When taking regard to all these elements, the audience would then be taken on a journey from start to finish, along with your brand or product.


As all these preparations are coming through, often you will be overwhelmed as to how much energy and time you might have to put into, which would ultimately result in your work becoming overdue or cancelled. We most certainly cannot let that happen, so it is highly recommended to have a timeline.


Money is another essential part when it comes to the production of such videos. So, it is to your best interest, to plan out a budget plan. Plan on what you will be creating at the comfort of your home and what you will get outsourced. And also, don’t be shy to use the resources available to you to the maximum that you can. What I mean is, ask experts around the internet to help you in certain services like, scripting, sound editing or even social media distribution. But even when you do so, make sure to ask the relevant charges and pay according to your plan.

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