Why Are Corsets Coming Back into Fashion?

The corset has been one of the garments that have managed to stay in trend, especially in the last five years. Being one of the most controversial pieces in the entire history of fashion, its origin has always been related to the social aspect.

A little history:

Fashion has been defending this look for many years. In order not to give a complete history lesson, let's say that the corset dates back well before the 16th century, but it is in this century that it becomes a vital piece of underwear for women.

The main purpose was to slim the waist - shape the torso - and in some cases provide support to the bust, achieving the "feminine silhouette". In addition, it represented a means to denote status and wealth.

Why Are Corsets Coming Back into Fashion? - different types of corsets

For this reason, the corset became a symbol of female repression, since it not only continued to be a way of imposing the way women's bodies should be from a patriarchal perspective. But also, by the 19th century, it was worrying due to the supposed repercussions that it could generate on health deformities in the ribs and respiratory problems.

From then on, its use was minimized, just like its “original” idea. It was only between the 80s and 90s that its heyday returned thanks to designers reimagining the concept of the corset.

The return:

Its popularity did not decline in the following years, especially since in the 2000s knitwear began to be seen that incorporated the corset shape - known as "bustier".

This may be one of the reasons why the piece continues to be a trend today, since the arrival of the pandemic has made the feeling of going back to the past, for the same reason many fashion trends before are coming back.

Likewise, due to the influence of Tik Tok, especially since the “Corset Challenge” trend began on the platform with several songs.

Different types of corsets:

As stated above, corsets have gone through a great variety, making them a surprisingly versatile garment. These iterations today include their classic models taken to the area of ​​tops where their use is strictly to stylize the outfit, for the same reason they are no longer used so much that they extend to the hips, but rather they are worn to the waist.

Normally, as an outer garment, they are integrated as a piece that covers the upper part of the body, so they are combined with pants and skirts. Regarding the latter, this is how they are constituted in dresses -in the form of a top from which a skirt falls.

Different types of corsets: Bustier - women wearing corset, girl showing white corset, cleavage model girl


In itself, the bustier is not considered a type of corset, but a bra model since its main function is to support the bust. It is a garment that mixes both pieces, with a softer or more flexible body construction that covers the ribs and adjusts to them. Like the corset, the bustier also went from being underwear to being reconstructed as a top.


It is a corset that extends from the bust to the hips.


Refers to corsets that start below the bust and extend to the hips.


It is a subtype of the underbust corset. This then covers only the abdominal part. It is usually worn over clothing in the form of a belt, especially to make loose clothing more silhouette.

The corset is going to become your best ally this spring-summer:

It may be coincidence or simply direct inspiration, but since 'The Bridgertons' came into our lives, corsets have reappeared becoming the most requested trend. At Solado, we tell you everything you need to know about this classic so you don't get rid of it.

In 2020, we are already beginning to see corsets in numerous collections in big brands. Even so, this garment has been wanting to gain ground for several seasons to make our outfits something even cooler.

Although it may seem that it is a difficult piece to integrate into our daily looks, we promise you that the only thing that the corset tube top will bring to your outfits is a lot of personalities. Do not be afraid of it, because this new season is presented as a garment that is more than suitable to be incorporated in a simple and versatile way.

If you simply want to adapt this new trend to your day-to-day life, here are all the keys to wearing the corset-like a true expert. Keep reading because this interests you.

The corset is going to become your best ally this spring-summer

1. Integrated into the garment:

Without a doubt, the simplest and most effective way to incorporate the corset into your look is to choose garments that already have it integrated. The most common are found in dresses.

Another option is to opt for a simpler and summaries model. You can't deny us that they are the perfect option to wear a corset.

2. With white shirts or t-shirts:

White shirts and t-shirts will always be our greatest ally when we don't know what to wear (or what to combine our beloved corset with), in addition to being garments that we all need as a wardrobe. So much so, that it was not surprising that the corset will adapt perfectly to any of them.

And, if you want to start with something riskier and punk, this imitation leather corset with buckles will be ideal.

3. With volumes:

If you prefer a version similar to the previous one but with a little more romance, there is the ideal combination for you. We are talking about a black cut out crop top mixed with puffed sleeves, ruffles, and volumes in general. We are going to see them a lot this coming season, and they are everything your summer looks need.

4. With some jeans or pants:

And when in doubt, jeans or pants will be the most effective and successful solution to combine with your bustier. In addition to being a basic in any wardrobe, sexy going out tops will help you give this garment the versatility it needs for your day-to-day.

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