Dubai's Emirate Airlines all set to embrace NFT, Metaverse, and Bitcoin

Dubai's Emirate Airlines all set to embrace NFT, Metaverse, and Bitcoin

Emirates has revealed its plans of adding Bitcoin as its payment service. It continued exploring Metaverse and NFTs. The Dubai-based airline will be employing Bitcoin as one payment service. This will be a way of embracing Metaverse and blockchain projects. This is according to the report of 11th May. Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, COO of Emirates spoke at the Arabian Travel Market trade show held in Dubai. He told the press that the carrier will hire up staff to work on NFT and Metaverse related projects. They will focus on payments via Bitcoin. The article mentioned that the executive made a revelation. It was about the plans of Emirates to use Bitcoin as one payment service. Also to include NFT collectibles on the website of the company for trading. If you are a beginner engage in investing in Bitcoin confidently with Bitcoin smart.

NFT, Metaverse and Bitcoin embraced

Previously Emirates mentioned it will be exploring Metaverse and NFTs experiences. Yet this appears to be the very first time it publicly discussed plans for payments via Bitcoin.

A press release was issued by the airline on the 14th of April declaring that it will be turning a pavilion it built doe the Expo event in 2020 into one innovation center.

They will focus to build out new projects that will be tech-focused such as Metaverse, NFT initiatives, and Web3.

This home base of the UAE has a focus on establishing itself as a crypto hub worldwide.

Recently its Dubai home city created a new agency that is focused on the regulation of virtual assets and oversees the licensing regime of UAE for cryptocurrency companies.

Bitcoin acceptance by Emirates as a method of payment will create a major milestone for the industry of airline.

This is because it will be the largest airline worldwide accepting cryptos directly.

Some airlines started to adopt crypto as a method of payment; this practice is relatively uncommon among main carriers.

Few smaller airlines accept crypto-like Latvia’s Air Baltic.

In October last year, Volaris, the budget airline declared that it will be accepting payments via Bitcoin under its subsidiary El Salvador, in line with the mandate of the country for companies accepting crypto.

Currently, Emirates has not started to accept any Bitcoin or crypto payments.

This was told by one Emirates spokesperson.

The airline yet did not publish any detail on crypto projects or any timelines.

They are just exploring Bitcoin and crypto payments as an alternative option for payment for use in the future.

Advanced tech embraced

The development came a month later it was revealed by Emirates that it has plans of launching NFTs and some experiences in the Metaverse for all customers along with employees.

UAE has a vision for a digital economy.

It was previously explained by the company.

This is aligned with the embracing of the digital asset space.

The Chief Executive and Chairman of Emirates Airline and Group, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum asserted that his company adopted advanced tech for ramping up the process of business, improving customer offering, and upgrading the skills or experiences of employees.

They are excited about all opportunities in the digital world of the future.

They are planning to employ Bitcoin as a method of payment and add NFT collectibles on the website of the company for trading.

He mentioned that they will be hiring new staff for the NFTs and metaverse.

The new recruitment will be developing applications for monitoring customer requirements.

It will be in line with the digital economy goal of the UAE.

They are committed to a major investment in financial as well as resourcing terms for developing products or services making use of advanced technologies that will be delivering on revenue, business efficiencies, and brand experience.

The main aim behind such a move is to build applications for tracking the different needs of clients. He too explained that the airline will be leveraging blockchain technology for tracing aircraft records. With the Metaverse, the entire process be it in operation, sales on-site, training, or proper experience, you will be capable of transforming them into an application of Metaverse type and make them interactive.

The airline too said that it will be continuing to collaborate with partners of the industry. It will be for boosting its strategy of Web3 and hiring new talent for the upcoming initiatives.


Emirates showed a huge interest in advanced technology use. They hope to get engaged with customers in such a way that it will be faster and more flexible. Thus they are all ready to move into the space of digital assets. They will leverage NFTs, Metaverse, and cryptos.