Cyprus has hosted a flagship Blockchain and Crypto event

Blockchain Fest is the most popular event. It is an interactive European event on the Blockchain exchanges. Other than DeFi, NFTs, cryptos, mining, gambling, gaming, online payments, and investments. FINEXPO a community with more than 100000 cryptos and fx people produced it. They are the organizer of forums, summits, shows, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, and awards.Log on to BITCOIN LEGAL an official website that simplified trading.

Cyprus has hosted a flagship Blockchain and Crypto event
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They always aim higher with their events creating excellent shows worldwide. The places are Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam. It also included Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, and Cyprus. Their key element is networking and learning. You will see it everywhere you go with them. Each event that FINEXPO produced includes its unique perfect touch. Yet some common sense for each person in this industry.

The smartest and most influential minds in the world of crypto met. They gathered at a luxury spa and resort hotel in Limassol Parklane. It was for Blockchain Fest 2022. This is the second time Limassol is hosting the event after it proved its success in December last year. It took place on 4th and 5th May. Parklane came out as a meeting point for the most disruptive fintech trends in the world. The event saw more than 700 entrepreneurs, investors, traders, industry enthusiasts, and developers. Six panels and many on-site interviews, an expert conference program, and transformational workshops. It was to explore the blockchain’s transforming role apart from NFT and GameFi. Well-known speakers from digital asset and blockchain companies were there. They shared their insights and stories about the market and all its prospects.

Blockchain fest happening in Europe’s financial center

Cyprus has a crypto-friendly environment.

It is a modern financial Europe’s real center. It invites companies from not only Asia. But the rest of the world for joining the show.

Leading professionals, global leaders, and beginners in different industries were at this event. They were from crypto, blockchain, crypto exchanges, DeFi, mining, investment, and payment systems select to join this event in Cyprus.

Top-level business networking

At Blockchain Fest, network opportunities are the most important elements.

Each participant will get a chance to use not only the networking lounges. Also the expo space, workshop halls, and conference too.

They were also allowed to be a part of the evening activities. They could meet leading experts and build connections via each step they make in this venue.

GameFi and NFTs were highly debated topics.

CEO Alexis Nicolaou and George Agathangelou the chief operating officer discuss the brand in the Metaverse along with huge customer experience via the minting platform of NFT, Block. co.

Alexander Goldybin, the founder and chairman of iLogos extended the theme of GameFi and NFT.

Alexander Douedari examined all practical investing approaches and put emphasis on DeFi and market-neutral strategies.

Dimitris Neocleous the ecosystem manager of VeChain Tech discussed NFTs beyond all hype.

Eloisa Marchesoni the crypto entrepreneur included a new perspective on NFTs along with gamification as the community engagement’s future within Web3.

Mihaela Grigoriou, the advisory, and head of financial regulation at AGP law firm gave a speech at the event on the CeFi and DeFi regulation.

Mauro Andriotto, CEO of European Digital Assets Exchange shared legislation of state-of-the-art security tokens.

The event’s culmination began on the second day and the panel discussed many things.

It included some topics like Banks vs. Cryptocurrency.

Nick Assimentos, the institutional partnerships manager of Nicosia University along with Marios Skandalis, the group compliance division’s director of the Bank of Cyprus, and MariosTannousis, the HQ unit’s head and deputy director-general of Invest Cyprus spoke about the pattern of the evolution process of crypto.

They concluded by saying that banks are never against crypto but external regulations have tied their hands.

Christiana Aristidou, Christiana Aristidou LLC’s founder and CEO brought a new addition to this program.

She introduced the topic of the way tokens kept transforming Cyprus’ real estate.


Blockchain Fest this year enhanced its reputation as a crypto event. It is preeminent in Cyprus. It did so by bringing cutting-edge news and industry trends. The event served as an important point for modern finance’s convergence. Other than that digital assets and fintech blockchain ushered in new business. Also, economic growth era at Europe's financial hub for every cryptocurrency lover.