Keep Calm and Make Money Transactions with EasyStaff

The world has been changing a lot in the last three years. How to keep up with it? 

Let's face the facts: the pandemic has changed life in many ways, and the labor market was among the first to get hit. With lockdown measures and social distancing, physical offices became an unnecessary expense than a working place. After a while, remote working became the new normal, and video conferencing platforms exploded in popularity. As if all that wasn’t enough to cope with, not so long ago, the world’s financial system had another blow due to the battle of sanctions. 

Keep Calm and Make Money Transactions with EasyStaff
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

And even if you managed to keep your team during the pandemic, changing it into a remote one likely turned out to be quite a challenge. Many USA and European-based companies had freelancers living in the CIS. It seemed a fair deal — the rate is lower due to the differences in the domestic economies, and the quality of work is high. Not so long ago, international banks banned certain countries from their payment systems, and now, employers have to seek alternative ways to pay their teams. And even PayPal isn’t an option any longer. Luckily, just as quickly as video conferencing platforms evolved, so did fintech platforms.

How Do They Work?

Usually, such platforms let you transfer payments with some commission or using a cryptocurrency. But honestly, there are not so many of them still operating within CIS countries. 

But here’s an example of one that works: It’s become a real rescue tool for many remotely working companies. Easystaff is not just an operator; it’s a whole system with different perks, such as hiring freelancers, doing all the paperwork for clients, and cutting expenses for VAT. 

For a Customer

The procedure is as follows: a customer creates a personal page and fills in the necessary details. The agreement is mailed to the customer’s inbox, and it can be signed with the help of Eversign. It'll be necessary to add funds; in some cases, it will be possible even via Google Pay or Apple pay. After that, a customer can add freelancers, and they, in turn, will have to fill in details about themselves. 

After that, a customer can send money in a chosen currency (and cryptocurrency too) to a wallet, bank account, or a Mastercard/Visa card. They can also set tasks and make comments regarding a freelancer’s performance. 

And, the cherry on the top of the cake — all of the necessary documentation will be provided! The system will generate invoices containing the details of the involved parties, the amount agreed upon, and other information about the task. 

The commission for a task is from 6% to 10%, and after that, freelancers will be able to transfer the money to their cards/accounts. As you can see, no hidden or illegal schemes are involved. 

For a Freelancer

If you’re a freelancer, you also can benefit from this platform. Invite your customers and receive the commission from the charges they pay to EasyStaff: 10%. Besides, the more customers you invite and the more they spend on the platform, the larger your commission will be. 

One of the great advantages of EasyStaff is their support team, which a customer or a freelancer can contact if anything goes not as expected. This team can handle almost any issue, and it will be in a friendly, easy-going manner. 


EasyStaff is a platform that considerably unloads the weight of legal issues when paying freelancers abroad. Located in Lithuania, it does not require the physical presence of any party to sign the papers. It’s one of the few platforms that still allows payments to and from CIS countries. Whether you’re starting your own business or you’re a freelance specialist, consider this team and let them guide you through the jungles of bureaucracy. 

After all, in a world that never ceases to change, it’s comforting to leave the paperwork to professionals and have some time for adapting to new changes.