How to find a perfect bed sheet online?

Bed sheets are a part of home décor, so it’s essential to find a perfect sheet that suits you the best and perfectly fits with the aesthetics of your room. Buying bed covers might seem a lot easier from stores but shopping online has its benefits. But it can be quite tricky and time-consuming as there are so many options that it’s easy to get lost in all the choices. 

How to find a perfect bed sheet online?
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There are plenty of options out there when it comes to choosing the right bed cover. In this article, you will get insights into some useful tips that will make your search easy and convenient. 

Tips for finding a perfect bed sheet from online stores. 

1. Check the fabric 

Bed sheets are available in different kinds of fabric like cotton, polyester, microfiber, silk, linen, etc. You must know the type you are comfortable in. You can either choose the one that you have been using before or else you can check out different materials. 

Ensure that the material does not irritate your skin and feels breathable and soft when you sleep. Most people tend to use cotton bed covers and they are ideal for daily use. They are durable and natural. You can buy silk fabric if you want a luxurious look for your room. You can also use other fabrics that suit you the best. 

2. Choose the aesthetics wisely 

It’s essential to choose the right colors and designs while looking for bed sheets online. The right color and design will improve the overall aesthetics of your room. Continue your search until you find a bed cover that suits the interior of your room. 

Furthermore, if you have children or pets at your house then go for darker colours as it tends to hide the stains more effectively than brighter colours. You will find a wide range of bedsheets online with different colours and designs to choose from at affordable prices.  

3. Select the right size 

Selecting the right size is essential while shopping for bed covers online. Shopping online makes it easy to select the right size as there are plenty of options available on countless online shopping websites. You can check the size of your mattress to get a brief idea of the size of your bed sheet. 

You can also take reference from the size chart which is based on the size of your bed and find it online from amazon king size sheets

Here's a guide for you to choose your bedsheet's size accurately as these tables provides you with standard bedsheet sizes for all the beds out there:

Single Bed Sheet Sizes:

Bed SizeFitted Sheet Size (cm)Fitted Sheet Size (in)Flat Sheet Size (cm)Flat Sheet Size (in)
Twin91 x 19136 x 75178 x 25470 x 100
Twin XL99 x 20339 x 80178 x 25970 x 102

Double Bed Sheet Sizes:

Bed SizeFitted Sheet Size (cm)Fitted Sheet Size (in)Flat Sheet Size (cm)Flat Sheet Size (in)
Full137 x 19154 x 75229 x 25490 x 100
Double137 x 19154 x 75229 x 25490 x 100

King Bed Sheet Sizes:

Bed SizeFitted Sheet Size (cm)Fitted Sheet Size (in)Flat Sheet Size (cm)Flat Sheet Size (in)
King152 x 20360 x 80274 x 259108 x 102
California King183 x 21372 x 84274 x 259108 x 102

So, now you know what size of the bedsheet you need based on the size of your bed and type of the sheet you are looking for.

Let's explore other steps:

4. Thread count 

Thread count is another important factor to consider if you are looking for the perfect bed sheet. If you are looking for softer and comfy sheets then ensure that it has a higher thread count.  However, fabrics like Egyptian cotton are softer even with a lower thread count. 

Based on the type of fabric you are choosing will determine the thread count. Egyptian cotton usually has longer fibres and more space between them which makes them perfectly ideal with a lower thread count. If you are looking for something more durable and comfortable then look for a thread count between 400 and 800. 

5. Choose the weave wisely 

The type of weave can make a difference if you are looking for a perfect bed sheet online. The type of weave determines the softness and comfort you need. There are usually two types of weaving techniques i.e., sateen and percale. 

If you are looking for something soft and comfortable, then go for percale sheets. Most people tend to prefer percale weave for its classic feel and look. If you want something with a bit more durability and strength, then sateen sheets are better suited for you. It has a smoother surface and is also more durable as compared to percale weave.  

6. Consider the type of mattress 

It’s essential to consider the type of mattress while looking for a perfect bed sheet online. Different bed sheets are well suited to different types of mattresses. If you have a memory foam or latex mattress, then you might want to look into linen sheets instead of cotton bed covers. If you have an old-fashioned spring mattress, then a cotton sheet would probably work very well for you.

The Bottom-line 

There are a lot of things to consider when buying bed sheets. When you are shopping for bed sheets online, it can be hard to know which ones are going to suit your needs best. It is important to make sure you are getting what you want. 

If you are having trouble finding a perfect bed sheet from online stores then follow these tips to make a rational decision while buying covers online.