How to Get Verified on Facebook: 6 Ways

Probably the most powerful image on Facebook is the blue check mark that appears right after your page or profile. It means that you're verified and that Facebook finds you to be an authentic and legitimate source of information (or entertainment, as the case may be).

How to Get Verified on Facebook: 6 Ways
Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

This verification status is quite coveted by many people and businesses, but it's not always easy to obtain. Here are six ways that you can get verified on Facebook:

1. Create a Complete Facebook Profile or Page

One of the ways how to verify a Facebook page is to have complete information on the page. Fill out the About section, upload photos and videos, and provide details about your business or products and services, such as your office address, phone number, or operating hours.

A complete Facebook page ensures that the social media website can verify that you are a real business or person. Further, a complete profile or page also helps Facebook users to learn more about you and what you do, which can encourage them to follow your page or profile.

2. Use a Verified Phone Number or Email Address

When creating your Facebook profile or page, use a verified phone number or email address. You can verify your phone number by going to the settings of your Facebook account and then selecting "General" > "Contact." Click on the "Add a phone number" link, and then enter your phone number. Once you have entered your phone number, click on the "Finish" button.

As for verifying your email address, simply go to your Facebook settings and select "General." Next to the "Email" section, click on the "Edit" link. Enter your new email address and click on the "Save Changes" button.

3. Use Your Official Website and Social Media Accounts

If you have an official website or blog, be sure to include a link to it in your Facebook profile or page. This will help Facebook verify that you're a legitimate source of information.

You might also connect your Facebook page to other social media accounts, such as Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. Doing this makes it much easier for Facebook to double-check your information and verify your authenticity.

Keep in mind, however, that you must use a consistent name across all your social media accounts. Nothing spells doubt more than providing Facebook with conflicting or unverifiable names.

5. Get Featured in the News

Besides social media accounts, Facebook may also ask you for links to articles featuring your business during the verification process. These can include news articles, blog posts, or even press releases.

The more media coverage you have, the more likely it is that Facebook will verify your page or profile. After all, if your name has been featured in major publications, you're likely a legitimate source of information.

However, Facebook doesn't accept paid content, which means that you can't simply buy your way into verification. The articles featuring you must be from legitimate news sources, and they must be about your business or products and services.

To achieve this, you can contact reporters and journalists and let them know about your business. You can also submit press releases to news outlets, which may help you get featured in the media. Another strategy is to encourage your customers to write reviews on their blogs.

6. Comply with Facebook's Terms and Conditions or Policies

No organization would want to keep employees who violate rules and regulations. It's the same thing with Facebook.

If you want to get that blue check, make sure that you deserve it by following the website's terms and conditions or policies. These include following the community standards, which outline what type of content Facebook allows.

Not complying with Facebook's policies can result in your page or profile being removed from the site. In some cases, it may also make it more difficult for you to get verified.

A simple blue-check mark can mean a lot for a business trying to leverage Facebook. It can build trust and credibility, which can encourage more people to follow your page or profile. More followers can lead to more customers and sales.

However, Facebook doesn't give it just because - you have to earn it. These six ideas can help you get started on the path to verification.