Sell Products on Blog without Being Salesy

Sell Products on Blog without Being Salesy

No one prefers to read blog posts that include a sales pitch. So, how do you use your blog for business, products, or services without including salesy messages in the content? 

The answer is with careful and strategic thought. 

But what does that actually mean? And how to sell products in blog posts?

Blogging is a powerful marketing tool that works great using indirect marketing for enhancing brand awareness, word-of-mouth marketing, brand trust, and brand engagement. By publishing useful yet meaningful information relevant to your target audiences, generating popularity and building a stronger connection between your brand and customers becomes easier. Every blog post creates an opportunity you can grab to prove your expertise. As a result, what actually happens? You gain trust from the people because they understand you are aware of the statement you are providing through your content. Trust leads to increased sales. 

However, your blog is not only an indirect marketing tool, but you can promote your business through blog posts. The key is providing useful, meaningful, and extremely relevant content to the users. 

Always Follow the Three Es of Business Blogging

When writing a business blog, you always need to consider the reasons for writing before your fingers start hitting the keyboard to write anything. The three main purposes of business blog posts are - 

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Engage

Blog posts that educate people are extremely informational; they even teach something, answer the question, solve the queries, and simply provide insights to the readers. Posts usually engage readers and enable them to feel connected to the brands. 

While some posts keep the readers entertained, they provoke emotions and create an unconscious positive perception of your brand. Lastly, you need to create posts that educate, entertain, and engage your target audiences on your business blog. 

Promote your business without sounding salesy

Bringing it all together, the trick to selling on your blog works great to promote your product or services in your business blog posts without annoying people by including sales pitches. You need to make the blog sound much more engaging, informational, and entertaining for the audience. However, you can include useful, helpful, meaningful, and relevant content. Here are some ways to do it successfully - 

  • Create informational posts - Always educate your audiences about a topic that matters a lot and is extremely relevant to your business and brand. 
  • Go with problem-solution posts - Problem-solution posts are useful, so you need to think about the problems your product or services can solve and write a blog that provides the needed solutions to your target audiences. 
  • Question-answer posts - Most people have questions related to your business, and you need to answer them carefully. If you are not sure about those questions, start searching them in Google's search box to see the auto-fills. 
  • Tutorial Posts - Tutorial posts include step-by-step instructions that work great to accomplish a task, and the post you write need to be informational enough to help audiences reach their goals. 
  • Customer Story Posts - Customer stories are extremely engaging and entertaining, so you need to talk to your customers and ask them for permission to share their experiences after using your products or services. 

Go with the product-adjacent blog posts

When you come up with the blog post topics, you need to look for the different opportunities to work on the product-adjacent content. The write-up will include insights into your products or services in some way, so you need to be thoughtful. The thing is, you will get the needed opportunity to mention and gently sell products on blog posts. 

Product-adjacent blog posts create an effective way of business promotion without being salesy because the promotional message will blend well with your content. It will not get distracted from the post. It even enhances the posts and the audiences' experience with your blog, business, and brand. 

Tell Your Own Stories

We all know it's a plus point when we use customer experience for case studies, but what about your own stories? Take this opportunity to talk about how you overcame a problem with your business's solution. It can be a great strategy for service businesses and coaching businesses. Another way to do the same is by providing behind-the-scenes ideas regarding your business. You can even educate your customers, tell them about yourself, and show them your culture and the people involved behind the scenes. It can greatly contribute to humanizing your business and provides your audiences with multiple ways to connect with your brand. 

Key Takeaways

Avoid promoting your business in every blog post you are publishing; instead, use the tips mentioned above and focus on publishing high-quality content. Second, always look for ways to talk about your products or services within your content naturally.