How To Buy Ethereum

Those who know a little about the crypto market and checked the rates of the most popular crypto assets in the world, must be familiar with Ethereum. It’s not only one of the well-known assets but also one of the most used platforms. The fact is that Ethereum is also a blockchain enabling decentralized apps developers to build different products in its ecosystem. 

How To Buy Ethereum
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The Ethereum network is developing non-stop as the DeFi and NFT landscapes are evolving. The majority of NFT projects were really built on the Ethereum blockchain. That is the first choice for dApps developers. In 2021, the browser ETH wallet Metamask got over 5 million registered users, which is an excellent achievement for a crypto project.

How ETH price changed

Since the emergence of the project, its rate changed from $0,3 to $0,45. Once the coin was listed on its first crypto exchange, the ETC price soared to $2,77. Then in 2018, the rate reached $1396. The new all-time high was recorded in 2021 at the level of $4168. Today, we see the Ethereum price drop along with the entire market - $1,899 (early June 2022). However, experts predict optimistic prospects for the project, for it features numerous advantages for developers and has earned a perfect reputation.

How To Buy Ethereum

If you would like to buy Ethereum now as its rate has dropped, this is a good idea. The essence of investment is to buy an asset at a lower rate and sell it when the price goes up, and ETH has all the chances to grow. You can buy ETH on any crypto exchange; this asset is second in the range of crypto on Coinmarketcap, and it is listed on all credible exchanges. Take, for example, WhiteBIT:

  1. Log in on the White BIT exchange, create your account
  2. Go to “Trade”
  3. Pick the crypto pair with ETH
  4. Make an order to buy ETH
  5. Pay fees
  6. You got your ETH!

The Ethereum ecosystem has shown positive dynamics and has made significant progress in recent years. The infrastructure and foundation, which are the core of the protocol, will be beneficial when more users join the protocol in the future. With that said, Ethereum is well ahead of its competitors and is well positioned to do well in the coming years. Some experts believe that the project has every chance of becoming the first in the cryptocurrency rating.