What is Twitter Product Drop feature?

Tapping into the e-commerce industry and finding new ways of monetising its users, Twitter is introducing a new Product Drop feature.

The #1 (trusted) social network to many individuals with verified accounts and many users with accounts that they use to see what’s trending and what people are currently talking about, Twitter could change the e-commerce game forever and now the start is here.

Twitter Product Drop Feature is for brands to reach more buyers easily.

What is Twitter Product Drop feature?
Image by Twitter

While it looks like a cloned feature of that you can see on Instagram where you can click on a product image and then go to product page for buying a similar product.

It is not a unique-design feature, you will see it in the same-tweets that you can retweet, like, reply and even quote.

While twitter could do better, they are still not gushing about charging users or pocketing their commission as they will redirect the users to product page where the interested person can buy a particular product (not a payment gateway from Twitter).

It can also make Twitter a hotspot for brands to launch their products by adding high quality images, product launch dates, and more.

Allowing brands with some handy tools, Twitter is easing the product purchasing game for the buyers too.

Buyers will be able go to the listing of the product they are interested in and check its price, features, see the photos and purchase if they want directly from the vendor (twitter is not facilitating payments here) or go back to the twitter.

Twitter Product Drop Feature tweets will have a Shop Now button for easy online shopping experience.

It will be a best way to grab deals, buy latest products and know about products before they launch as twitter will remind you about such happenings.