8 Reasons To Go On a Camping Trip You Might Not Have Considered

There are many things you can do on your summer vacation, and most of them are very likely to bring some sort of satisfaction. But have you ever got a feeling like there is not much difference between lying on a sofa at home and lying on a sofa in a hotel room in Rome? Quite often, simply going to another place does not reach our expectations of what the ultimate holiday should be. Is there an easy solution? Well, you can always go camping! This experience combines adventure, tranquility, rest, and fun. On the off chance that you need relaxing holidays to rejuvenate yourself, you can consider St Barts Villas.

8 Reasons To Go On a Camping Trip You Might Not Have Considered
Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Let us consider eight points that might convince you to go on a camping trip next time you have a vacation.

1. Cost-efficiency

Of course, none of us wants to be cheap when we talk about vacations. After all, you deserve the best after all the time you spend working. However, it is always great to know that the option you have chosen allows you to cut expenses in half while actually bringing even more benefits. Hotels and other accommodations usually cost an arm and a leg. If you go camping, you will pay less even for the best four-person tent that you will use for ages. Of course, some camping sights charge for staying, but the price is ridiculous in comparison with what a hotel room will cost you.

2. All the health benefits of being in fresh air

We have all heard about the pollution that harms our cities and influences our health. Consequently, every hour you spend in the country gives your lungs a possibility to refresh. Green trees and the opportunity to look at the sky and listen to birds are also great for your mental health, according to researchers from all over the world. Connecting with nature and being outside reduces your stress level and improves your sight. It is often prescribed for various conditions, such as headaches, anxiety, and depression.

3. Have a quiet retreat from social media

As intelligent, responsible adults, we all understand the harmful influence of excessive social media usage on our lives. However, this does not make it easier to stay away from it. One major advantage a camping trip offers is that it is very easy to leave your phone behind. This is not only on account of poor Internet connection (this can be tackled if you prioritize it) but rather because you are too busy outside to care about somebody’s likes or posts. Socializing is very important, but being in nature helps us realize what actually matters to us, and it very rarely turns out to be someone’s posts.

4. Learn more about the world

As adults, we rarely have an opportunity to learn something new unless it is about our jobs or some kind of banana bread recipe. If you go on a camping trip, you are exposed to horrifying new experiences that teach you a lot about the world and, more importantly, yourself. How do you start a fire? Which kinds of insects are harmless and which are not? How can you tell time by only looking at the sky? All these questions have answers that you can find.

5. Finish that book you have been reading for eighteen months.

Yes, we all have this problem. You read a great book review in The New York Times, then you see it in a bookshop you are going by and decide to buy it as it seems really interesting. Later you find it sitting on your bedside table for more than a year because of the constant distractions of real life. It is not like you do not pick it up. It just does not seem to end. Does this sound familiar? One great advantage of camping trips is that they do not offer any destruction and allow you to concentrate on whatever you find important — your book, your thoughts, or just rest.

6. Get physical activity

Most of us do not get enough physical activity in our daily life as we work, rest and communicate in a seated position. Joining a gym or working out at home is a great plan, but some of us just lack the dedication to stick to it persistently. Going on a camping trip allows you to combine physical activity with the pleasure of being outside and getting new experiences. You may not even notice the results at first sight, but after a few trips, you can actually feel fitter and healthier.

7. A camping trip can be whatever you want it to be

Camping is perfect for every occasion: a precious alone time, an adventure with friends, or a great romantic experience. Looking at the stars will make it romantic, and discovering new places or causing a fire can turn it into a real adventure. Still, if you want it to be about spending some valuable time alone, it is great too. All you need to do is embrace the silence and tranquility that natural surroundings bring. Think about what you really need a rest from before choosing which way fits you the best.

8. Spectacular views

We all turn into view hunters when we go on vacation: negotiating the room with the best view, waking up early to take a picture of an old castle before a ton of tourists ruins it for us. With camping, it is tough to miss something, and you can easily catch every sunrise as well as every sunset.

In conclusion, there are many reasons that can persuade you that camping is the best way to spend your vacation. It does not mean that everyone is bound to enjoy the experience, but you must try it at least once before you decide whether you like it or not. Get the best tent for beginners, and for once, do not check your phone every five minutes — it can turn out to be a truly life-changing experience.