Is Solitaire addiction real?

Certainly a definite answer to the question "Is Solitaire addiction real?" does not exist, no one has conducted an accurate survey and no one has created statistics. But in the world, there is a fact of dependence on Internet games, and we can attribute Solitaire to this section. Therefore, only you can answer the question, and you can argue about this for a very long time. In order not to play Solitaire around the clock, and not to consider themselves completely dependent on this amazing game, many people watch tournaments. At least these Soliraire tournament online force players to pause the game time after time. So what makes you endlessly play the addictive Solitaire and consider yourself addicted to it?

Is Solitaire addiction real?
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Reasons why you may consider yourself addicted to Solitaire

Solitaire is quite an exciting and addictive game that you are often ready to sit down to play and keep playing for a long time. What drives you? We can identify three features.

● Love for games in that pure Solitaire. Online games are extremely interesting. A person may not play at all or play very little, but at the same time continue to love games and be interested in new products. The very love of playing Solitaire makes you periodically come in, play, watch new updates, card designs, and so on. The love for online games is very strong among many people, and most of them choose Solitaire.

● Motivation to play games. This is an attempt to realize something impossible in our life. Colorfully drawn games are so beautiful that we can not see this in real life. The victories that go to are not as difficult as in real life. All this makes one absorbed into the virtual world more and more often because it seems that it is brighter and more interesting there.

● Disorder in our world, in reality. Something must be missing in this life. Otherwise, the game cannot be delayed. Therefore, often when relatives are struggling with Internet gambling addiction, they are completely wrong. They fight the effect, not the cause. If a person is bad in this world and good in the game world, then no force will rescue him from there.

Psychologists' opinions about Solitaire addiction

It's critical to understand the distinction between addiction and just like. If you don't feel driven to play the game every day, don't feel the need to spend endless hours online, and don't think about it constantly, you probably just like it. And this is not unexpected considering how popular Solitaire is; you can play it whenever you want without being accused of addiction. The Solitaire attachment is more of behavioral addiction or a pattern of conduct that may point to a mental illness. Those who are prone to stress or mental health issues cope with issues by doing what they enjoy. But here the main thing is not to lose the edge. If you find yourself playing more and more, while spending less time on everything else, this is critical.