Google May Shut Down Google Stadia by the End of 2022 (Rumors)

After recent news about Amazon shutting down its cloud storage service Amazon Drive, here comes another news about Google shutting down its gaming product Google Stadia.

Google May Shut Down Google Stadia by the End of 2022 (Rumors)

Google is famous for shutting down low-performing services as they recently closed their social media giant called Google+ and many other projects.

Rumors say that Google may be looking forward to shutting down Google Stadia even before the end of 2022.

A Twitter account “Killed by Google” which tracks and tweets about the services Google has closed or going to close shared that Google Stadia may be the next to shut down by the company.

Google Stadia was announced in 2019 and was advertised as the big thing for the gaming world.

However, it didn’t perform well in reality as it is a cloud gaming service for mobile users and is integrated with other offerings of the company such as Chromecast Ultra and Android TVs.

Even we can use it using the Google Chrome web browser and other suitable software apps that support the device.

Still, gamers are preferring other options which are performing well such as Parsec an alternative to Google Stadia which is free.

Well, this is a rumor and it may be a true story.

We should wait for the official statement by the company.