Amazon is Shutting Down "Amazon Drive" Its Cloud Storage Service

Amazon is shutting down a cloud storage service called “Amazon Drive” the same as Google’s Drive storage which is free for the users to store and organize their files and even share those files with anyone they want.

Amazon is Shutting Down "Amazon Drive" Its Cloud Storage Service

Talking about Amazon Photos in a FAQ, Amazon mentioned that the company is going to shut down its Amazon Drive service to focus on the Amazon Photos service where users can store their personal photos and videos.

The company decides to say a final goodbye to the Amazon Drive services by 31 December 2023 (which is too far from now).

In the meantime, Amazon asks users to download and save their files other than photos and videos as any videos and pictures that are in your Amazon Drive account will be automatically saved to your Amazon Photos account, and the rest of the files will be not available after the deadline.

So, act quickly and download your files from Amazon Drive and upload them to a safe place like Google Drive or some other trusted cloud storage for files.

This is one of the worst cases of tech services closure that can trigger people to avoid using them as a trusted platform.

We should keep an eye on what companies are doing and when they are going to close a service so we can keep our data safe.