The Best Google Chrome Extension You Need!

A google chrome extension is a program that, when installed into your google chrome browser, changes its normal functioning. The changes add new features or modify existing ones to customize the user experience and make it more convenient. Some additional features include memory optimization for more efficient running, management of passwords, extra security to make browsing more secure, and many more.

The Best Google Chrome Extension You Need!

List Of Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier


It is the best chrome extension. It greatly serves its purpose as a VPN extension. It is mainly designed to increase the security of your data, unblock restricted websites, and enable smooth private browsing. This extension offers a free trial, but you should subscribe to one of the premium plans to get the best from the application. There is various VPN extension available. VeePN for chrome users is among such. Not all extensions have premium services. Some are VPN online free and do not require any payments.

Save To Google Drive

It is a self-explanatory extension. It saves pages directly to your google drive. It puts a miniature icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen; when you tap the icon, the page is directly saved onto your google drive account. You can go to your google drive account later and view the pages you saved.


It is among one of the best google chrome extensions; it harmoniously integrates with Gmail upon installation and gives the user the privilege of arranging e-emails on custom columns. It also allows you to keep a to-do list and take notes.

Chrono Download Manager

It neatly arranges your downloads for easy access. It is still among the top chrome extensions for users due to this simple feature that is simply the best.

HTTPS Everywhere

It is an extension that can convert all web pages to HTTPS format. It makes the web pages encrypted and more secure. It is still one of the best extensions for chrome because it executes its purpose so well.

I Don’t Care About Cookies.

Most websites use cookie tracking to store user information for anyone browsing their sites. This extension does not have any complications. It simply clicks the annoying I agree to cookie pop-up to save you the time of keeping on pressing it.


It allows you to focus on one particular piece while online reading, even if it’s a blog post, news article, or any online literature. You can even save it so that you can read it later. It also allows you to organize them by tags. It can even read it digitally to you.

Boomerang For G Mail

Sending numerous e-mails can, at times, be time-consuming. You can get buried in your inbox for hours on end. It is to ensure you reply to e-mails on time. Most of the time, it can overburden you and become too much to handle. Boomerang allows you to schedule e-mails and decide when it will automatically send them; you can also store your e-mails in a folder separately to avoid inbox flooding this will give you ample time to properly manage how you will sort them out and reply to the mail.

EXIF Viewer

It allows you to get detailed information on the images you find online; it includes information like the type of camera the photographer used and the exposure levels and even gives the geolocation details if they are available. This application best suits writers and photographers who are looking to improve their photography skills.


It allows you to have separate passwords for different sites but composes a master password that can access them all. So you will only require one password to access them all.

Buffer For Chrome

It allows you to share information on all websites you are interested in using a single click. You can also schedule posts to be sent automatically.

TooMany Tabs For Chrome

When browsing, you may have encountered this problem where you have too many open tabs. This extension allows you to view all the open tabs you have, restore ones that were closed, sort through them, search through them, and much more.

What Is The Most Used Chrome Extension?

Grammarly Chrome Extension

It is an extension that helps you write more fluently and clearly for easy comprehension by the reader, from style and tone to spelling and grammar. It makes the task of omitting errors and finding the words to better express yourself easier. It also adjusts the tone to fit the sentence as you know, long, complicated sentences are hard to comprehend, even if they are correct grammatically. 

Grammarly gives you wordy alternatives for the phrases. It also gives you word choice enhancements to help you express what you mean. It makes great writing simpler.

What Is The Most Popular Browser Extension?

Awesome Snapshot Capture And Annotate.

It lets you take screenshots of your web browser; the screenshots are special because they crop out the other aspects of your computer and emphasize the web browser only. It also allows you to add annotations to make your captures spicy. 

After doing this, you can save the screenshots to your google drive, snapshot website, or your computer.