TOP water parks in the world

For lovers of entertainment on the water, a visit to the water park is a real treat. People come here to swim in the pool or even go surfing, soak up the sandy beach or get an adrenaline rush on extreme rides. The more pleasures and opportunities a water center offers, the more attractive it becomes for visitors.

It is not surprising that the largest water parks in the world are of no less interest to tourists than the picturesque corners of nature and the heritage of ancient civilizations. In this article, we will talk about the best water parks in the world that will help make your vacation bright and memorable.

TOP water parks in the world

Aquaventure Water World, UAE (Dubai)

Aquaventure WaterWorld is the second-largest and most well-liked water park in Dubai. We began talking about it rather than Dubai's first-largest water park because the Atlantis hotel on the Palm Jumeirah owns the latter. With a unique atmosphere of water adventure, this water park is a destination all by itself. There are rides, sights, and delights galore.

You can test your mettle next to live sharks, drive into the pool at high speeds, navigate rapids and other water obstacles, and enjoy double slides at the water park. Everyone is welcome to utilize the water park (not only hotel guests). And the monorail that runs between Palma and the city will take you there. Well, if you are not a fan of public transport, we recommend hiring a car from the service. Today, car rental has become incredibly affordable, including luxury car rental.

In addition to renting a car, you also get a unique driving experience as a bonus - driving a supercar, for example, which in itself can be fun during your vacation.

Typhoon Lagoon, USA (Florida)

Florida's Typhoon Lagoon is one of the most visited water parks in the world, with more than 2 million visitors to the Disney water park each year. The favorite brainchild of Walt Disney World is stylized as a tropical lagoon that has suffered a devastating typhoon. Everything in the water park is devoted to this theme, including yachts scattered along the shore, fishing nets and a schooner thrown by a wave to the top of a volcano.

In the center of the park there is a 100-meter Mayday mountain with 9 water slides of various configurations, waterfalls, caves and intricate paths in the jungle. A water theme park in Florida, opened in 1989, is a great place for a family vacation. One of the most popular attractions of the Typhoon Lagoon is a huge pool with a wave height of up to 2 meters for surfing. If you like extreme sports and aquatic fauna, go to the Shark Reef diving center. Here you can swim among leopard sharks and colorful fish. For lovers of a relaxing holiday in the water park - a trip on an inflatable raft along a slow river.

Port Aventura, Spain 

When going to Spain, many tourists plan their itinerary to visit Port Aventura. It is located on the Costa Dorada, an hour from Barcelona. There are several thematic zones in the park and more than thirty slides for adults. Among them is a unique structure where visitors pass dead loops at a speed of more than 100 km/h. Children will be happy to ride the waves, visit the hare park or visit the pirate ship.

You can enjoy the views of the underwater world from a submarine. And if you do not want to walk around the water park on foot, a special ship will bring you up. In addition, on the territory of the park there is a unique cinema in the form of a submarine, which reveals to visitors the incredible beauty of the life of the Ocean.

Tropical Islands, Germany

The German water park Tropical Islands is located near Berlin. A converted airship hangar, built before the start of World War II, has become one of the world's most popular amusement parks. Tropical Islands, equal in area to 8 football fields, can accommodate more than 6,000 people at the same time.

The complex is divided into thematic zones. In the "Flower World" you can see more than 50,000 tropical plants, as well as parrots and exotic animals. "Tropical Zone" introduces the corners of the Amazon, Malaysia, Bali and the Congo. "Laguna" and "South Sea" offer water rides, pools with waterfalls, jacuzzi, etc. The highest slide in the Tropical Islands involves a downhill ride from a height of 25 meters. Relaxing guests can soak up the sandy shoreline of the 200-meter lagoon or take a dip in the pools, the water depth of which does not exceed 135 cm.

The complex operates 24 hours a day, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy a water recreation.

Tropical Islands, Germany

Chimelong Water Park, China

The largest water park in Asia (and the world) is China's Chimelong Water Park, followed by its neighbor, Hong Kong's Ocean Park Hong Kong. These large water parks are located only 130 km from each other. The Hong Kong amusement park is famous for the fact that on its territory there are not only the usual water rides, but also a zoological garden with an aquarium.

The water park even has its own train, and visitors on the road can admire the ocean world through a glass tunnel. The total area of the complex is about 91 hectares.