12 Movies and Series That Have Never Been Released

If you love to watch Hollywood movies, you may have heard about different unreleased movies and web series.

12 Movies and Series That Have Never Been Released
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

However, there are 12 movies and series that made headlines for not being released or in other words, being canceled and for this reason, people are still searching for these shows on the internet. Even though these shows are not available anywhere, people want to watch them.

The best of them are:

  1. Batgirl
  2. Bloodmoon (Game of Thrones Prequel)
  3. Star Wars: Detours

And many others. Let's read the full list of 12 never been released films and series from Hollywood studios:

12 Movies and Series That Have Never Been Released

  1. Batgirl
  2. Ultimate Slip 'N Slide
  3. Tremors (2018 TV Pilot)
  4. Star Wars: Detours
  5. Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay
  6. My Best Friend's Birthday
  7. 100 Years
  8. Uncle Tom's Fairytales
  9. Bloodmoon (Game of Thrones Prequel)
  10. The Original Game of Thrones Pilot
  11. Our Little Genius
  12. The Day the Clown Cried

Almost every unreleased show has a story behind the canceling and it is readable on many different entertainment news websites.

We just shared the list of top 12 movies and series that have never been released for anyone to see even not available on pirate websites. Feeling lost in what to watch next after discovering your most anticipated shows will never see the light of day? Take the 'what should I watch tonight quiz' to uncover new favorites and hidden gems tailored just for you, ensuring your movie night is still a blockbuster hit.