Apple Wants You to See More Ads on Your iPhone: Bloomberg

Currently making over $4 billion annual revenue with ads, Apple’s VP of Advertising Platforms Todd Tersei wants to expand the advertising business for the company.

Apple Wants You to See More Ads on Your iPhone: Bloomberg
Photo by Obi on Unsplash

Tersei is looking forward to making the ad business generate double digit revenue for the tech giant. For such purposes, he is looking to put more ads on various first party apps on the iPhone.

In a newsletter called “Power On” Gurman shared that Todd Tersei will be adding more ads for iPhone users to increase the ads revenues.

IPhone and Mac users are currently seeing ads in App Store, News Apps, and TV+ Show, but not other first party apps such as Books and Podcasts.

However, you may soon see more ads on your iPhone or any other iOS powered device and on first party apps such as Maps, Podcasts, and Books, and there will be recommendation ads as well which will show when a user intends to search for something like a local business or booking a flight.

It will surely open a whole new world of advertising for the advertisers to reach more audiences and target customers on a much better level.

Since the failure of iAd, Apple is slowly gaining its advertising powers back by adding more and more ads to its platforms.

However, we don’t see iOS going to be like Android OS where most of the companies such as Xiaomi and others are putting ads everywhere to generate more revenue and killing the UI of the devices.