Search for a Game and Google Will Tell You Where You Can Stream It: 9to5Google

As you do right now and have been doing for years, Google is just making it quicker and easier than ever before to find a game streaming service that’s best for you.

Search for a Game and Google Will Tell You Where You Can Stream It: 9to5Google
Photo by Fábio Silva on Unsplash

Yes, Google search will now show you exactly where you can stream a game you searched for to help you navigate to the exact website and avoid extra searching time.

As 9to5Google (a google-focused tech news website) revealed that Google will show accurate info for any game you type in the Google search box to help you stream it on the right platform giving it to GeForce Now, Stadia, PS,  or wherever your game is available to be streamed.

Cloud gaming is approaching the next level and thus, Google is taking steps to make its search engine capable of helping gamers to find the best cloud streaming service for their cloud gaming love.

Recently, Google announced the same features for finding a show on Google search, and now this time, it is about games.

As per the reports, users can also search for any TV show or web series on Google and it will suggest the accurate platform for watching it legally unlike it was showing pirate sites where such shows are illegally available to watch online or download for free.

Google is improving its search engine day by day to be in the eyes of internet users as many other search engines such as duckduckgo, yep, and onesearch are doing their best to replace it in some browsers and even some operating systems worldwide.

Good luck to the gamers community.