Where to Buy Best Beer Tap Handles for a Home Bar

Looking for ways to make your pub look like no other? Buy original keg tap handles by Beverage Craft to amaze your guests.

Where to Buy Best Beer Tap Handles for a Home Bar
Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

What to Do with Beer Tap Handles 

Beer tap handles add style and elegance to your bar. Whether you purchase them for commercial use in pubs or for home application, they will give the process of drinking beer a special flair. Beverage Craft offers both universal and branded beer tap handles for sale made of various materials:

  • Metal and wooden beer tap handles
  • Glass and Porcelain keg tap handles 
  • Acrylic, Ceramic, and Brass beer tap handles

How Much Do Beer Tap Handles Cost?

The tap handle price depends on the material and complexity of manufacturing:

  • The simplest designs start at CAD $21. 
  • The most sophisticated models — CAD $79. 

Discounts for bulk purchases and promo codes are also offered.

Where to Buy Beer Tap Handles 

If you are wondering, “Where can I buy beer tap handle?” just visit the beer equipment online store Beverage Craft with the best beer tap handles. You should not worry, “Where to buy beer tap handles near me?” because the company is shipping its products far beyond the USA and Canada. Customers from Great Britain, Australia, and other countries will get their orders directly to their homes.

How Easy Is It for a Bar to Install New Beer Tap Handles?

The beer pump handles can be easily changed by yourself. But if you have any doubts, contact the customer support service, and the consultants will explain to you in detail the technology of their installation.

Beverage Craft — The Best Place for Your Home Bar Supplies 

Beverage Craft offers various types of bar equipment. You can find everything you need for large pubs with an impressive number of visitors, as well as for a home bar. Regular discounts and promo coupons allow you to purchase even the most valuable and unique products at affordable prices.

Having bought beer pump handles from the Beverage Craft, you will admire their high quality and original design and will definitely come back for new branded beer equipment.