Meta Partners with DoorDash to Deliver Small Items Within 48 Hours: WSJ

Meta (formerly Facebook, now Facebook’s parent company) announced a partnership with DoorDash (an American food delivery and takeout service) to deliver marketplace items within 48 hours.

Meta Partners with DoorDash to Deliver Small Items Within 48 Hours: WSJ
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

This will be a breakthrough e-commerce gain for Meta/Facebook to let the buyers enjoy under-hour deliveries for small items that can be packed and could fit in a trunk of any car.

If you are going to buy something like a smartphone, a laptop, fashion items, shoes or something like that, you can just ask the store owner to send you the items using DoorDash services and it will be delivered in not more than 2 days.

As compared to the current delivery option in Facebook Marketplace, you can only get the larger items or bundled items delivered to you safely with Dolly (a delivery service).

To make it even more easy, Meta also included direct shipping to the buyer’s address to make sure Marketplace sellers are not bound to use a service and buyers are not bound to must choose a delivery service.

This is a win-win situation for the sellers and for the buyers.

The WSJ reported that DoorDash and Meta confirmed the partnership and they are already testing the service in several cities in the United States.

Soon this service will be available to many cities in US and eventually to other countries.

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