Meta to allow Mature VR Content in Horizon Worlds by Adding 18 and up tag

Meta is on a mission to transform the social media world from mobile devices to AR and VR worlds.

Adding another feather to their crowning VR universe, Meta adds an 18 and up tag to finally allow some "mature VR content" in Horizon Worlds.

Meta to allow Mature VR Content in Horizon Worlds by Adding 18 and up tag
Photo by Sara Kurig on Unsplash

They first banned adult oriented content to cope with illegal activities (which could happen) in the VR universe that can’t be controlled as a single platform, but they are allowing some of the banned things.

This may allow buying and selling of mature products or simply just graphical content (maybe) allowed.

As the VR Universe is expanding from Meta studios and by creators of Meta, it is biased to say that we can sell or purchase real-world things from such VR worlds.

A report by UploadVR shared that Meta creators received an email regarding this update for marking their VR worlds mature or safe for all users.

If the creators won’t mark their worlds, Meta will automatically make them 18+ worlds and will restrict under 18 users from accessing such worlds.

Meta is building a real life type of VR universe and thus added virtual avatars that can act as a real humans, people reported that some of the users are mimicking sexual harassment and it should be fixed to let the platform welcome all users in a safe way.

So now, Meta is somehow fixing these issues by introducing adult-only worlds and general audience worlds separately.

You can read more on Meta's Horizon Muture Worlds Policy page.