Google Meet now allowing Livestreaming on YouTube, here's how!

With just a few requirements and nothing more, you will be able to live stream your Google Meet meetings on your YouTube channel (totally free). Google shared with a blog post on Google blog for workspace updates.

As you already understand, if Google is doing something, it is going to be free and extra simple.

Google Meet now allowing Livestreaming on YouTube, here's how!
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Soon after COVID-19 hit the world and people turned to work from home model, services such as Zoom and Google Meet allowed all of us to handle daily meetings and calls right from the comfort of our homes.

However, travel vloggers suffered most in these times (if we talk about only digital creators). It was hard for them to create content and engage their audience with more and more cinematic views.

Now, Google is going beyond merging its platforms by allowing live streaming from Google Meet to YouTube which eventually allows everyone to share more on YouTube and do interviews, podcasts, meetings and everything else possible through virtual hellos on YouTube too.

It will be a help to YouTube creators to Live Stream events, meetings and more (adding fuel to their content creation timeline).

Currently, this new feature of Google Meet to Livestream on YouTube is available to almost all paid Workplace accounts and some countries are still not on this list of allowing Meet to Youtube livestream.

For initiating a livestream from Google Meet to Youtube, you first need to apply for this feature and the approval process is taking up to 24 hours for now.

Here’s how to do a Google Meet to Youtube Livestream

Here’s how to do a Google Meet to Youtube Livestream

  1. Got to activities and tap on Live steaming
  2. Tap on Stream with YouTube
  3. Tap on Start streaming
  4. Copy link to your live stream

That’s a super easy way to start a live-streaming session directly from your Google Meet meeting.

Google Meet is a free platform and YouTube is also a free platform by Google. Google is doing its best to connect these two giants and make users feel more important than ever.

If you need more information about such updates to tech products, stay with us.