How to Hide Ads in Facebook Messenger on Phone and PC

While using social media such as Facebook Messenger we are often being disturbed by unwanted ads. People use social media to be entertained or for their official works, but the presence of unwanted ads at any time becomes irritating. People just want to get rid of these ads.

How to Hide Ads in Facebook Messenger on Phone and PC

To get rid of these ads we can hide the unwanted ads in Facebook Messenger using different ways. You can find the easy methods to hide these ads in this article.

How to Hide Ads in Facebook Messenger on Phone and PC

To improve your advertisement experience you can use these methods to hide ads in Facebook Messenger on your Phone and PC.

Hide Ads in FB Messenger without Opening the Ad

To hide the ads follow these steps:
  1. When you get the advertisement you wish to hide, tap and hold it.
  2. Now click on the Hide Ad, to hide this advertisement from your FB Messenger.
  3. You can inform FB Messenger why you choose to hide some specific ads to improve your advertisement experience. That ad will no longer be there for you now.

Hide Ads in FB Messenger after Opening the Ad

If you have opened the ad already and don't want the ad to be again on your screen, then you can hide it by following these steps:
  1. Tap on the Hamburger icon (three parallel lines), on the ad page.
  2. Select Hide Ad.
  3. In this method too, you may inform FB Messenger why you choose to hide the specific ad from your PC or Phone screen.

Hide the Ad and Choose Preferences from the Settings

If you have seen an ad before and can not find it now on your screen. You can control and remove this type of ad from your Ad Settings. To do so, follow the way:
  1. In the top left corner, click on your Profile Picture.
  2. Open Account Settings.
  3. Come down and click on Ad preferences. Here you would have the list of advertisers you have seen ads from before.
  4. Now click the Hide Ads button next to their name to stop ads from that particular advertiser. You may manage more of your ad settings and preferences from this page.
So, you can follow these methods both on your Mobile Phone and PC to hide unwanted ads in Facebook Messenger. These are the best ways to remove ads from your screen.
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