Instagram to Test 9:16 Photos, Turning It into TikTok-Clone for Sure

Even after facing a backlash by users over recent changes to the Instagram app making all the videos go into reels on the app and users reported more videos than photos and blamed the latest changes in the app.

Instagram to Test 9:16 Photos, Turning It into TikTok-Clone for Sure
Photos by Thomas Fitzgerald Photography Blog

Users even urged Meta (Instagram parent company) to stop making Instagram the next TikTok clone and make Instagram, Instagram again.

However, the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri is not listening and is not afraid to share that Instagram will be testing TikTok like 9:16 size photos.

The Verge reported: "You can have tall videos, but you cannot have tall photos on Instagram," Mosseri said.

As it is going to be the same size as TikTok too shows 9:16 videos to the users, it is however the best Instagram feature that will surely enable users to upload more content and give more options when users are looking to post portrait photos.

Currently, users can post 4:5 photos that sometimes crop photos that are tall and captured in 9:16 standard size of every smartphone nowadays.

This will bring more diversity to the content on Instagram and users will be easily able to post all of their best shots on the app.

However, it will surely make the app look as TikTok (a short-videos sharing platform).

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