Meta’s Vivek Sharma, responsible for “Horizon” leaves the company

The person who was responsible for developing the virtual environment that users can see from inside of Meta’s “Horizon” which is a gateway to Meta’s virtual reality universe that the company calls “Metaverse” is leaving the company for another opportunity.

Meta’s Vivek Sharma, responsible for “Horizon” leaves the company
Former VP of Meta for Horizon Worlds (allblogthings)

Reuters reported that Meta Platforms Inc’s Vivek Sharma, chief of a virtual reality social network called “Horizon” is leaving the company to shake hands with another opportunity and his team will now report to Vice President of Metaverse Vishal Shah.

He was responsible to develop virtual reality experiences in Horizon that users are able to access using Meta’s Oculus headsets and other virtual reality devices.

Sharma with his team developed Meta’s currently in the news virtual social platform Horizon which is a platform for people to see what’s inside the metaverse it is a platform for holding virtual events and building the worlds inside a virtual universe.

Sharma also served as the Vice President of Facebook Gaming and Facebook Marketplace for the last five years and is now leaving the company.

To your notes, Meta (formerly Facebook) is developing the first-ever metaverse (as Mark Zuckerberg tries to claim) to leap forward into a digital world where everybody can live a digital life the same as we do in the real world.

This new chapter to the Facebook being #1 social media network may or may not lead Meta to be the #1 in metaverse platforms too.