TikTok to Launch a Music Streaming App

Far from music rights issues and more, some news reports suggest that TikTok is on the way to releasing its own music streaming app.

TikTok to Launch a Music Streaming App
Image by iXimus from Pixabay 

This time TikTok is going to be a direct competition for Spotify and other music streaming apps out there.

A recent patent filing application for a trademark with the USPTO reveals the name for the app and it is “TikTok Music” however the final name could be something else.

The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance is gearing up to launch a new music streaming app and this idea is coming probably from their current music streaming app called Resso which is available in Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

However, the company behind TikTok wants to use TikTok’s name for easy marketing to launch TikTok music where people can listen to the music, purchase it and share or download songs even song albums, and read lyrics all in the app.

Furthermore, the app will include social features such as commenting, sharing, and playlist creation to make it a complete-music-streaming app as it should be.

So, are you waiting for TikTok Music to launch soon?