WhatsApp Fighting to Avoid the UK Govt AI to Read Private Chats

Even if the chats on WhatsApp are encrypted and Meta is giving a guarantee to the users that their private chats are safe and even WhatsApp itself can’t read them, the UK Govt backed AI is forcing the social media giant to give access to private chats.

WhatsApp Fighting to Avoid the UK Govt AI to Read Private Chats

Yes, you are reading it right, the U.K. Govt AI wants to read private chats of WhatsApp users (for their security reasons, maybe).

While WhatsApp team is fighting against it and doesn’t want the AI to read encrypted chats of their users.

The U.K. intends this to stop child sex abuse material being shared via WhatsApp but still it is against the policy of private messaging apps that stands for privacy over messaging and social networking.

Talking to BBC, Will Cathcart (WhatsApp head) stated (described as):

The government wants access to private chats of users on WhatsApp without End-to-end-encryption protocols and that is an unfair act for users of the app.

E3EE is what the app is famous for and people use it with peace of mind that their messages will not be shared with any second or third party but to who they are sending directly.

If end-to-end encryption is not there, there will be no use of WhatsApp and users may turn to other messaging apps such as Telegram, Signal, Bip, and more.

Users on social media networks are also against this AI for reading private chats and they want to take their privacy as it is.