YouTube Plans to Introduce Video Streaming Service

YouTube (a free video sharing and streaming platform) is already competing with giants of paid video streaming services and despite being free, YouTube is not capturing that paid audience.

YouTube Plans to Introduce Video Streaming Service
Photo by Leon Bublitz on Unsplash

To capture that audience too, YouTube is planning to launch an online store option for YouTube channels naming it a “channel store” where YouTubers will be able to upload paid content.

This will help YouTubers to earn more and bring professional creators to the platform with large titles and more, and also it will help YouTube itself to get in the game of video streaming services.

Reuters reported, that Alphabet has been working for 18 months now to bring this new feature to YouTube and it is finally going to be released very soon.

This will be a direct competition for YouTube with Walmart, Roku, and Apple.

This news comes after last month Youtube added a Shopify add-on to let users start their e-commerce ventures from their YouTube channels.

As Walmart also planning to include streaming services on its already successful membership service, Apple and Roku is already competing with each other on the same.

This time, Alphabet’s YouTube will be doing more than just creating another feature on the platform.

This will surely enable YouTube to get thousands of premium content creators to upload their content on the platform and this might be the right time for the video sharing social network as Netflix is already sinking with huge goodbyes from their paid members.